Tell NPR to Call a Lie a Lie

National Public Radio has announced that it will never refer to a lie by a U.S. president as a lie.

Sign this petition to NPR News:

Straightforward honesty is called for at this time. It's time to call a lie a lie. Change your policy.

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45680 10 months ago Elise Kapnick Glencoe, IL
45679 10 months ago Virginia Gaines Santa Fe, NM
45678 10 months ago James Hessenthaler Philadelphia , PA We need to do this early and every time it occurs. Do not wait until it is too late to reverse where this is going. We need to learn the lesson from 1933 Germany.
45677 10 months ago Jeff Burns Port Orchard, WA We need a source of information that is not political double talk. When even NPR will shade the truth rather than reporting objectively what chance do the American people have to self government?
45676 10 months ago Elise Kapnick Glencoe, IL
45675 10 months ago Anonymous Westchester, IL I will not make another donation until you act like te trusted media you used to be.
45674 10 months ago Richard Bradus San Francisco, CA The press must do their job - ask questions, demand answers, and call a spade a spade. A lie is a lie, and must be challenged as such.
45673 10 months ago Lorelei Kitrick Charlotte , NC Have always looked to NPR for "real" news. Is koch $ influencing the "alternative fact" trend?
45672 10 months ago Kent Anderson Peoria, IL
45671 10 months ago Doug Johnston Hove, ot
45670 10 months ago MEGAN MACKEY PITTSFIELD, MA
45669 10 months ago Eileen Haddon Randolph, VT NOW is the time Americans, and the world, need to know that NPR reports are created with integrity. At a time when it's normal for the President to lie and to threaten banning of media resources who...
45668 10 months ago Margaret Nelson Boston, MA
45667 10 months ago forest gregory halfway, OR By not labeling Trump's prove able to be false statements as lies NPR is joining the Trump's fake news mentality. Your listeners, supporters and democracy deserve a higher standard of reporting news.
45666 10 months ago Thomas Seamans Little Genesee, NY We fear that you may fear losing certain sponsors, but maybe that is a risk you need to take. Stop being meager and strongly and fully stand against what is going on and ALL that is wrong. Help save...
45665 10 months ago suzanne collins marin city, CA Please don't make me stop listening to you. Stand up for us all and do the right thing. There are plenty of cases where Trump has told provable lies. The not being able to tell what's in his head is...
45664 10 months ago Deanna Ross Coloardo Springs, CO As long as media is intimidated by the power of any government bureau or by the office of the Whitehouse, the people are abandoned. If something is a lie , all media must band together to call it a...
45663 10 months ago Anonymous Portland, OR
45662 10 months ago Brent Spencer Long Beach, CA I had been a NPR listener for several years, but this I couldn't stomach anymore...
45661 10 months ago Shadhi Morrow Boise, ID Could you at least call it "verifiably false"?
45660 10 months ago Brian Williams Westland, MI
45659 10 months ago Patricia Martin Grand Junction, CO Call a lie a lie!
45658 10 months ago Debbie Hatcher Greensboro, NC
45657 10 months ago William Rogers North Chesterfield, VA A lie is a lie especially when a politician or Donald Trump says it!
45656 10 months ago Ewan Anderson Cedar Fort, UT
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> Adam Johnson, FAIR: NPR's No-"Lie" Policy and the Limits of Impartiality in the Trump Era
> CEPR: When It Comes to Saying Donald Trump Lied, NPR Says It Can't Get Into a Politician's Head, Unlike the Other Times When It Apparently Can