Tell NPR to Call a Lie a Lie

National Public Radio has announced that it will never refer to a lie by a U.S. president as a lie.

Sign this petition to NPR News:

Straightforward honesty is called for at this time. It's time to call a lie a lie. Change your policy.

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45639 1 year ago Lynda Dobens Nashua, NH Trump is a garish mutation. You have to hold him responsible for all his prevarications, half truths, and bold faced lies. He is toxic to our nation.
45638 1 year ago Gerald Paone Chatsworth, CA
45637 1 year ago Richard Collins Waltham, MA
45635 1 year ago Chrys Barnes San Luis Obispo, CA Don't be part of the "You Decide" form of impotent news coverage. Journalism is supposed to report facts that have been properly vetted and to give commentary which is supported by logic. Providin...
45634 1 year ago wendy sacks Brookln, NY This is not the time to play it safe. We have endless examples of Trump and his team lying. Call it a lie when he lies.

If you're worried about your funding, don't worry. It's pretty clear ...
45633 1 year ago Ida Blum Prairie du Chien , WI
45632 1 year ago Genevieve Meyer Seattle, WA Please no alternative facts!
45631 1 year ago Joe Holdner Brooklyn, NY NPR is bound to lose its funding under this administration one way or another so why equivocate on what is an unsubstantiated lie.
45630 1 year ago Oneida Darley Ocala , FL You must be straightforward.
45629 1 year ago Greg Moehl Story City, IA ...and yes, we contribute on a sustaining basis to both Iowa PR and Iowa PTV.
That's getting really hard to continue to justify, when you normalize the fascists of the GOP and fail to call them ...
45628 1 year ago Mitchell Dormont Monroe Township, NJ The history of Presidential lying, in this country, has gotten us into at least 3 wars, for starters. At its present level, it is poised to become something out of Orwellian fantasy!!!
45627 1 year ago Sally Morgan Reston, VA
45626 1 year ago Anonymous New York, NY Call a liar a liar and a lie is a lie is a lie....
45625 1 year ago Eileen Elliott Hancock, NH
45624 1 year ago James Bryant Floresville , TX You gotta serve somebody
It may be the devil it may be the lord
But you gotta serve somebody
45623 1 year ago Caroline Ramsay Merriam Wadhington, DC
45622 1 year ago Rebecca Haby Castroville, TX
45621 1 year ago John Espe Edmonds, WA I only listen to NPR for news. KUOW in Seattle is my go to station. News organizations need to call out the Trump administration and the Republican congress when ever they tell lies or half truths. ...
45620 1 year ago Joanne Tollison Petersburg , MI Must call a spade a spade.
45619 1 year ago David Saperia Santa Monica, CA
45618 1 year ago Norman Coontz Sonoma, CA A lie is a lie! When Trump repeatedly makes assertions that are false and that he has been corrected on several times, he is clearly and knowingly spreading lies! Help to make him own his lies. D...
45617 1 year ago Rhonda Platten Boulder, CO Please explain why you are not being honest. Are you scared? Please don't abandon the truth and bow down to tyranny.
45616 1 year ago Evelyn Garcia Lake Worth , FL
45615 1 year ago Sergio Acena Portland, OR
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> Adam Johnson, FAIR: NPR's No-"Lie" Policy and the Limits of Impartiality in the Trump Era
> CEPR: When It Comes to Saying Donald Trump Lied, NPR Says It Can't Get Into a Politician's Head, Unlike the Other Times When It Apparently Can