Tell NPR to Call a Lie a Lie

National Public Radio has announced that it will never refer to a lie by a U.S. president as a lie.

Sign this petition to NPR News:

Straightforward honesty is called for at this time. It's time to call a lie a lie. Change your policy.

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45613 1 year ago Jay Falconer Long Beach , CA
45612 1 year ago olivia luster canoga park, CA
45611 1 year ago Julie Weiskircher Dodgeville , WI I have faith in NPR .There must be some explanation why they won't call a lie a lie.Please, explain.
45610 1 year ago Catherine Jayne Denver, CO
45609 1 year ago Donald Shaw St. Petersburg, FL
45608 1 year ago Guy Peters Cinti., OH Not calling a politician or political statement for what it is does not make you open and fair it leaves you a tool for their dishonesty
45607 1 year ago Aidan Carroll Seat, WA I know you're worried about being defunded, but can't you fact-check? Like, quote a politician's statement and then state the known facts, contradicting them if necessary?
45606 1 year ago Joseph Reed Portland , OR
45605 1 year ago Rosemary Murray Royersford, PA
45604 1 year ago Carole Parkinson Portland, OR
45603 1 year ago Rivka Rachum West Orange, NJ A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie!!! What the hell is your problem???!??
45602 1 year ago Cindy Masino warwick, NY
45601 1 year ago Cynthia Weeks CLINTON, WA
45600 1 year ago Andrew Boyd Seattle, WA Step up to the plate, NPR, and tell the TRUTH.
45599 1 year ago Lauren Gedlinske Apple Valley, MN
45598 1 year ago AK Gallagher NY A lie is a lie. Shout 'em out if you know 'em.
45597 1 year ago Emmie Forman Olympia, WA I'm sick of NPR being administration sycophants, regardless of who happens to be in power (this has angered me for over 15 years). It's time you took your public mission seriously and held t...
45596 1 year ago Spenser Winters Richmond , KY
45595 1 year ago Anonymous Rancho Mirage , CA
45594 1 year ago Brian LeMoine Robbinsdale, MN
45593 1 year ago Tina Paloskey Julian, PA
45592 1 year ago Paul Wohlt Muncie, IN Your misguided interpretation of balance and subtle use of language that reveals a conservative bias belies your attempt at impartiallity. A lie is a lie =- recognize it.
45591 1 year ago ron pyle orangevale, CA
45590 1 year ago April Jameson Freeport, ME
45589 1 year ago Alice Davis-Cahoon Greensboro, NC Like many others, I love P.B.S. for it's wonderful programs, but it's also the news I watch, because in my 67 years on Earth, it is the one station that I can rely on the news to be real news, real You are the last vestige of accountability in this age of denial.
Thank you.'); return false;">...
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> Adam Johnson, FAIR: NPR's No-"Lie" Policy and the Limits of Impartiality in the Trump Era
> CEPR: When It Comes to Saying Donald Trump Lied, NPR Says It Can't Get Into a Politician's Head, Unlike the Other Times When It Apparently Can