Tell NPR to Call a Lie a Lie

National Public Radio has announced that it will never refer to a lie by a U.S. president as a lie.

Sign this petition to NPR News:

Straightforward honesty is called for at this time. It's time to call a lie a lie. Change your policy.

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45755 9 months ago Mary Myers Eureka, CA A lie is a lie and should be acknowledged as such. Public Radio! Then serve the interests of the public. We teach our children it is wrong to lie. So what is your excuse?
45754 9 months ago Michael Dias San Luis Obispo, CA President Trump's proclamations are not inadvertent; his statements are purposefully meant to obfuscate the truth and therefor meet the criteria for a lie. It is imperative that NPR point this out ...
45753 9 months ago Anonymous St.Helens, MI You are WEAK and pandering to the trump cadre of fools. IF you EVER want to see ANY financial support from me, pull your ignorant heads out of your recpective ASSES and fucking bbe honest,WEASELS !
45752 9 months ago G Schumacher Plantation, FL Like Gertrude Stein said: A lie is a lie is a lie. Call it correctly.
45751 9 months ago Lou Colasanti Bristol, VT The American Press Association holds that "journalism’s first obligation is to the truth," and its "first loyalty is to citizens." In a similar vein, the Society of Professional Journalists has as In this light, I must take strenuous exception to NPR\'s decision to willingly enter the post-fact age. There can be no question that this is not an entirely new phenomenon. I have watched the slow diminution of courage and accountability over the years at NPR, PBS, and the CPB, especially as public funding was being cut back, as is now again being threatened. To be sure, this slide away from courage and accountability was not at all limited to public broadcasting. But I believe that NPR, along with PBS and the CPB, have a particular responsibility to the citizenry. Our country is currently in a crisis, the likes of which I have not seen since the Nixon years. And now is not the time for NPR or any other organization that wishes to present itself as an organ of responsible journalism to shy away from the difficult but crucial work of exposing lies and hypocrisy, particularly at the highest reaches of government.
As a veteran of Vietnam, I began listening to NPR not long after I had returned from overseas. As one who volunteered for service and combat, and as someone who has been working in my college classrooms for the past forty years, most recently with returning vets from Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as many other students, I find NPR\'s stance on this matter an abject failure of some of the most fundamental principles of journalism. It is unconscionable, and if NPR persists, I will, sadly but certainly, contact my representatives in Congress and urge them to join the effort to defund NPR, PBS, and the CPB. If you are unable to summon the convictions and courage necessary to practice independent, ethical journalism -- one of the most crucial elements of which must be the exposure of outright lies by elected officials to the citizenry -- then you will have lost the most fundamental reason to continue. Please do the right thing instead, and call a lie a lie.'); return false;">...
45750 9 months ago Kenneth Bizzell Boyer Wilmington, NC
45749 9 months ago Martha Sterner Pelham, NY
45748 9 months ago Janet Jacobs CT
45747 9 months ago Georgii Billiris Atlanta, GA
45746 9 months ago Anonymous CT
45745 9 months ago Anonymous Oakland, CA
45744 9 months ago Linda caniano massapequa, NY Lie is a lie
45743 9 months ago Vincent Grodzinski New York, NY I will in the future donate to a station that does not feel it can call a lie a lie. I can watch Fox News if I want to hear that kind of reporting.
Shame on NPR. Spineless.
45742 9 months ago Anonymous FL
45741 9 months ago Margaret Patterson Riverview, FL
45740 9 months ago Ione Callan marstons mills, MA Why would you do this - out of respect for the presidency? What a ridiculous policy!. If our president lies to us, he has not earned our respect.
45739 9 months ago Jalna Jaeger Norwalk, CT During the presidential campaign you never called Trump out!
You enabled him to win. I am still upset with you!!!!!!
45738 9 months ago Reuel Sherwood Tamarac, FL
45737 9 months ago Nicole Waldron Hamden, OH
45736 9 months ago carrie weil santa monica, CA
45735 9 months ago Marie Leven Flushing, MI We rely on you for the truth!
45734 9 months ago Jennifer Wright NV A lie is a equivocation necessary
45733 9 months ago Eileen Bill Santa Rosa, CA
45732 9 months ago Rene Arreola Sanger, CA
45731 9 months ago G. Bommelaere Colorado Springs, CO
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