He's draining the wetlands, not the swamp

Popular-Vote Loser Trump is draining the actual wetlands, not the metaphorical "swamp."

Sign this petition to Congress:

Our natural environment is under assault by the White House. We urge you in the strongest terms not to defund the EPA, which has already been cut in recent years, is currently funded at about 1% of military spending, and needs to be increased dramatically.

You, the legislature, must reject with actual legislation the president's executive order on waters of the United States.

Around the country, waterways partially cleaned up by the EPA since its creation under President Richard Nixon are threatened. The top two polluters are big corporations. The third is the United States military. This pollution must be halted, not given a free pass to expand.

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Number Date Name Location Please add comment.
13352 12 months ago Charles Coleman Columbia , MD
13351 12 months ago Robin Davis 82718, WY
13350 12 months ago Lily Jou Brooklyn, NY
13349 12 months ago Patricia Marlatt Hollywood Hills, CA
13348 12 months ago Anonymous Mckleyville, CA
13347 12 months ago Inga Jaeger Iowa City, IA
13346 12 months ago Janice Jones Santa Rosa, CA
13345 12 months ago Anonymous NC
13344 12 months ago Ian Levine Port St Lucie, FL
13343 12 months ago Mariah Shepherd Evansville, IN
13342 12 months ago Jason Miller Arlington, VA
13341 12 months ago Oren Frey San Francisco, CA
13340 12 months ago David Sanchez Redands, CA
13339 12 months ago Aimee Aballo Daytona Beach, FL
13338 12 months ago Ben Steele Westerville, OH
13337 12 months ago Anonymous Edinboro, PA
13336 12 months ago Judy Lukasiewicz Santa Cruz, CA
13335 12 months ago Maria Fargeorge New Haven, CT
13334 12 months ago Kristin Peckman Roanoke, VA
13333 12 months ago Eryn Delaney VA
13332 12 months ago Douglas Mertsock NY In the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "a nation that destroys it soils destroys itself", "Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people", and "The...
13331 12 months ago Diana Johnson The Colony, TX Please don't harm our wetlands!
13330 12 months ago Anonymous Brooklyn , NY A pivotal time for the environment in our history and trump wants to shut down the eventual changes that need to be done for the well being of the planet which means the well being of people.
13329 12 months ago Rhonda Navedo Orlando, FL
13328 12 months ago Ursula Calef Laguna Beach, CA
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