Jobs Not Wars

The "fiscal cliff" deal was not all bad. Social Security and Medicare weren't cut. Unemployment benefits were extended. Taxes went up a tiny bit on some of the wealthiest.

But Pentagon spending remained outrageously high, giveaways to corporations were enormous, the President went back on his commitment to end tax cuts for more of the wealthiest, the deal raised taxes on people making $20-200K per year more than on those making $200-500K, and the debt ceiling limit remained -- setting up a big push to cut Social Security and Medicare in the coming months.

No deal at all would have been better than this one.
Had the "Bush" tax cuts expired, the good parts of this deal could have been passed.

We must now work to take the focus off the deficit and put it on jobs and smart public investment. That means moving the money away from war preparations. Please sign this petition. The greater the number of signers, the greater use we will be able to make of it in influencing the coming showdown.

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15218 5.8 years ago Candy Kahly Manchester, IA , US
15217 5.8 years ago Rhiannon Marshall Chester, ot , GB
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15215 5.8 years ago Anonymous Carlsbad, CA , US
15214 5.8 years ago Mary Campbell ID , US
15213 5.8 years ago Eden Mierzejewski La Grange, TX , US Mr. President, You have failed to fulfill your campaign promises. It would seem that this will continue. You Sir are responsible for my new understanding of a fictitious government ruled by the un-e...
15212 5.8 years ago francois errandonea Hopatcong, NJ , US
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15205 5.8 years ago Dagmar Nilsen Vashon, WA , US
15204 5.8 years ago Tg. Gale Green DeKalb, IL , US
15203 5.8 years ago Richard Whitaker San Francisco, CA , US
15202 5.8 years ago Victoria Coursey Phoenix, AZ , US We need to rebuild the infra-structure ! Employ our citizens erecting wind generators and photo-voltaic arrays. The fastest track away from foreign oil dependance is absence of oil dependance. We ha...
15201 5.8 years ago Claudette Tolson Stone Mountain, GA , US
15200 5.8 years ago Tracia Sedivy Maplewood, MN , US
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