If Exxon really wanted to help

ExxonMobil, the most profitable corporation in the country, is spending some of its money on a series of television ads telling us to invest in education.

Most of us don't have a lot of money to invest in education.  Exxon does.  In fact, if Exxon were to merely pay what it owes in taxes, the Department of Education could increase its budget 14 percent.

Corporations are supposed to pay 35% income taxes.  Exxon pays about half that.  A report by Citizens for Tax Justice found that Exxon should have paid $4.1 billion more than it did between 2008 and 2010.  Using the same calculation, we find that Exxon underpaid in 2011 by another $2.1 billion.

As the Exxon ads keep saying: "Let's solve this!"

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17031 5.8 years ago Alice Coffey Chicago, IL , US
17030 5.8 years ago Mario Lam lawndale, CA , US
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17028 5.8 years ago Lawrence Merlino Saugerties, NY , US
17027 5.8 years ago Ted Cowden Grass Valley, CA , US
17026 5.8 years ago Dylan Eichenberg Berkeley , CA , US Our education system is broke while the most profitable companies in the history of world receive tax payer subsidies. That's an outrage; bring attention to this severe imbalance and fix it. Please,...
17025 5.8 years ago Alice Lloyd Allentown, NJ , US
17024 5.8 years ago Timothy MacMurdo Owens Cross Roads, AL , US
17023 5.8 years ago Kathryn Titus Athens, GA , US Stop being greedy. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Stop destroying our nation from withing, YOU are the real terrorists.
17022 5.8 years ago B MacDonald Greenfield, MA , US
17021 5.8 years ago Olga Strickland Mesa, CA , US
17020 5.8 years ago E B S, WA , US
17019 5.8 years ago Gloria Albasi Bronx, NY , US
17018 5.8 years ago Roberta Sims San Antonio, TX , US
17017 5.8 years ago Nina Tovar York, SC , US
17016 5.8 years ago Carlen Lovejoy Bloomington, MN , US
17015 5.8 years ago Ken Hiatt San Dimas, CA , US
17014 5.8 years ago Ken Hiatt San Dimas, CA , US
17013 5.8 years ago Hans Strong New York, NY , US
17012 5.8 years ago Jelica Roland Buzet, ot , HR
17011 5.8 years ago Jonathan Ridgeway Clintondale, NY , US
17010 5.8 years ago Dan Hoeschele Hawthorne, NJ , US
17009 5.8 years ago Sherrie Pizzo Elmira , NY , US
17008 5.8 years ago Anonymous Oklahoma City, OK , US
17007 5.8 years ago Anonymous N/A, IL , US With great wealth (not just power) comes great responsibility. Do the right thing.
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