If Exxon really wanted to help

ExxonMobil, the most profitable corporation in the country, is spending some of its money on a series of television ads telling us to invest in education.

Most of us don't have a lot of money to invest in education.  Exxon does.  In fact, if Exxon were to merely pay what it owes in taxes, the Department of Education could increase its budget 14 percent.

Corporations are supposed to pay 35% income taxes.  Exxon pays about half that.  A report by Citizens for Tax Justice found that Exxon should have paid $4.1 billion more than it did between 2008 and 2010.  Using the same calculation, we find that Exxon underpaid in 2011 by another $2.1 billion.

As the Exxon ads keep saying: "Let's solve this!"

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16931 5.7 years ago Anonymous Conroe, , TX , US Please invest your unpaid taxes in the education system for the benefit of your company.
16930 5.7 years ago Meilani Hinman Covelo, CA , US It is high time Exxon pays its fair share of income taxes!!!!
16929 5.7 years ago Apryl Mefford-Hemauer Santa Monica, CA , US
16928 5.7 years ago Pat A. Farmer Santa Cruz, CA , US Put your money where kids' minds are.
16927 5.7 years ago David Sibley Ithaca, NY , US
16926 5.7 years ago Bill McCoy Lexington, KY , US
16925 5.7 years ago Anonymous Boulder, CO , US
16924 5.7 years ago Robert Chase Roseville, MN , US
16923 5.7 years ago Timothy Cavaleri Dolgeville, NY , US
16922 5.7 years ago Anonymous TN , US
16921 5.7 years ago Sue White Tiffin, IA , US
16920 5.7 years ago Anonymous Pay your taxes before you give yourselves raises and bonuses. Stop taking money from the children's education.
16919 5.7 years ago Karen Wilson Egg Harbor, WI , US
16918 5.7 years ago Lois Leonard Aquebogue, NY , US
16917 5.7 years ago James Harrison Fort Worth, TX , US The only alternative would be to boycott Exxon products----and I have contended many times over to use this very powerful tool to the advantage of the people. This would of course be an alternativeExxon should be given the choice between alternatives---with a very clear understanding that all of the other producers, i.e. their competitors would be faced with the same prospects.
The fact that the people are suffering a severe economic down turn; while the "petroleum Producers" are enjoying high profits----with exceptionally high retail markup should be a direct indicator to the "people" that they need to take control of their own destiny with the elimination of the "petroleum producers monopoly over their most important resource---their primary energy source.
Sooner or later the poeple will realize that they are actually the ones in control; they simply need to exercise it.
Good luck Exxon (and all of the others) your days may very well be numbered.'); return false;">...
16916 5.7 years ago AURORA INSURRIAGA Chicago, IL , US
16915 5.7 years ago Anonymous GA , US pay your taxes, most of you are parents... teach your children well...i haven't bought your gas in years...i MAY consider it if you come clean...
16914 5.7 years ago Thomas Duvall Sylvania, OH , US
16913 5.7 years ago James Buffinton
16912 5.7 years ago Rhonda Pennell Richmond, TX , US If you start paying the taxes you owe, I might start buying your gas again.
16911 5.7 years ago Elizabeth Icks Cable, WI , US
16910 5.7 years ago sharon Surrette wall, NJ , US
16909 5.7 years ago Cecil Smith UT , US
16908 5.7 years ago Whitney Husz Asheville, NC , US
16907 5.7 years ago Pam Kray Gallivan New York, NY , US
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