If Exxon really wanted to help

ExxonMobil, the most profitable corporation in the country, is spending some of its money on a series of television ads telling us to invest in education.

Most of us don't have a lot of money to invest in education.  Exxon does.  In fact, if Exxon were to merely pay what it owes in taxes, the Department of Education could increase its budget 14 percent.

Corporations are supposed to pay 35% income taxes.  Exxon pays about half that.  A report by Citizens for Tax Justice found that Exxon should have paid $4.1 billion more than it did between 2008 and 2010.  Using the same calculation, we find that Exxon underpaid in 2011 by another $2.1 billion.

As the Exxon ads keep saying: "Let's solve this!"

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17106 5.3 years ago Wyatt Hale Brookville, PA , US
17105 5.3 years ago Walter MERA Beverly Hills, CA , US
17104 5.4 years ago Desta Waldu Boston, MA , US
17103 5.4 years ago Carol Bouldin Yucaipa, CA , US Your hypocrisy is unbelievable.
17102 5.5 years ago Catherine Hart Mt. Airy, MD , US
17101 5.5 years ago Anonymous Boynton Beach, FL , US & GE & Others should do so as well!
17100 5.5 years ago Joanna DeMore Boynton Beach, FL , US & GE & Others should do so as well!
17099 5.5 years ago Alexandra Sipiora Chicago, IL , US
17098 5.5 years ago Jacki Hunter Hollywood, CA , US
17097 5.5 years ago Melissa Martinez Los Angeles, CA , US
17096 5.6 years ago angela alvarez los angeles, CA , US You guys have done enough harm...now it's time to do some good!
17095 5.6 years ago Barbara Martin Jacksonville , TX , US
17094 5.6 years ago Richard Allen Beverly Hills , CA , US
17093 5.6 years ago Jo Ellen Bate Fort Lauderdale, FL , US
17092 5.6 years ago Sydney Franklin Portland, OR , US
17091 5.6 years ago Karin Sandquist Monmouth, OR , US
17090 5.6 years ago Anonymous Westby, WI , US
17089 5.7 years ago Anonymous Spirit Lake, ID , US There is nothing about ExxonMobil that I like. Nothing. Give something back, ExxonMobil - and do it for the right reasons - because it's the right thing to do.
17088 5.7 years ago RajKaran Singh Boston, MA , US
17087 5.7 years ago jennifer mcgrath college station, TX , US
17086 5.7 years ago Anonymous TX , US
17085 5.7 years ago Michael Barber Chestertown, MD , US
17084 5.7 years ago Anna McAleavy Palmetto, FL , US
17083 5.7 years ago Susan Osada Buffalo Grove, IL , US
17082 5.7 years ago Muneeb Khan Foster City, CA , US
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