Thank Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning has pleaded guilty to actions that fulfilled his moral obligations, and for which he has our gratitude.

We're going to thank him, and you can add your name to the card below.

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23322 5.6 years ago Scott Leather Tucson, AZ , US
23321 5.6 years ago Digna B. Escudero Pasadena, CA , US
23320 5.6 years ago Mike Cottrell St Charles , IL , US
23319 5.6 years ago Jacqueline Hsiang Murray, UT , US
23318 5.6 years ago Daniel Ackerman Oakland, CA , US
23317 5.6 years ago Dendrobia Kohl Olympia, WA , US
23316 5.6 years ago David Clark ot , Dear Mr. Manning

History remembers and recognises great men who in their own time were considered criminals or terrorists by corrupt governments.
You should live with no doubt whats...
23315 5.6 years ago William Mitchell Buxton, ot , GB A true compatriot to your fellow beings
23314 5.6 years ago Dan Snowberger SD , US
23313 5.6 years ago richard leinaweaver Eugene, OR , US Good lad!
23312 5.6 years ago Janice Gintzler Crestwood, IL , US Like Jesus, you followed your conscience.
23311 5.6 years ago Becky Jones Racine, WI , US
23310 5.6 years ago Valeriy Retyunin Toronto, ON , CA
23309 5.6 years ago Anonymous Stone mountain, GA , US Thank you so much. I wish you the BEST of luck.
23308 5.6 years ago Alan Pickett Wilton, NY , US I thank you for your actions. You have done humanity a great service.
23307 5.6 years ago Charles D Nelms Chicago , IL , US
23306 5.6 years ago Howard Moore San Diego, CA , US
23305 5.6 years ago Geoffrey Blanchard West Branch, MI , US Don't let them keep you down brother. You've done us all a service by NOT being afraid of speaking the truth & putting it out there for the rest of us. Thank you Bradley.
23304 5.6 years ago Rebecca Perry Beaverton, OR , US
23303 5.6 years ago patricia Leonarad N Ft Myers, FL , US thank you for your sacrifice
23302 5.6 years ago Josh Kobza You are an American hero. My kids will know your name and what you did for this country and the thanks you received. Stay strong, I cannot imagine how hard this has
23301 5.6 years ago stephanie mrozinski
23300 5.6 years ago Anonymous Boise, ID , US You are a true patriot! I don't know why they framed they argument around whistleblowing when it is clear you were protecting our country from domestic terrorists.Thank you for your service!
23299 5.6 years ago John Nichols West Portsmouth, OH , US Thank you for being a true American HERO!!
23298 5.6 years ago Fred Smith LONDON, ON , CA
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