Thank Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning has pleaded guilty to actions that fulfilled his moral obligations, and for which he has our gratitude.

We're going to thank him, and you can add your name to the card below.

This petition has a goal of 25000 signatures
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23473 5.6 years ago WALT BOBO Houston, TX , US THANK YOU for making a very difficult decision as you did. Most of us are unwilling to decide and actually do what you did. You are a hero.
23472 5.6 years ago Earl Foltz Terre Haute, IN , US
23471 5.6 years ago Nancy Hoffman Sparks, NV , US
23470 5.6 years ago amanda porter Piscataway, NJ , US Hiding terrorist tactics by torturing and trying the truth revealer is totally reprehensible, a "change" for the very worst!
23469 5.6 years ago Malcolm Erskine Chamonix, ot , GB You, sir, are a hero. Thank you.
23468 5.6 years ago Barbara Martin Jacksonville , TX , US
23467 5.6 years ago Carl Reynolds Tahlequah, OK , US
23466 5.6 years ago james howell nowata, OK , US
23465 5.6 years ago Annemarie Dewey New Orleans, LA , US
23464 5.6 years ago Lauren Mateo iselin, NJ , US You are a hero among a nation of drones. Your voice spoke out for justice and truth. You are my inspiration
23463 5.6 years ago jeff hopkins Lindenhurst, IL , US
23462 5.6 years ago Laurie MacKay Twin Falls, ID , US "The prosperity and security of one nation should not depend upon the poverty and insecurity of other nations. Majesty, lasting peace and prosperity are only possible when nations join together in a...
23461 5.6 years ago Anonymous CA , US
23460 5.6 years ago Miriam Mellman Oakland, CA , US
23459 5.6 years ago Connie Cota Manistee , MI , US
23458 5.6 years ago dorothy peters brooklyn, NY , US
23457 5.6 years ago Daniel Sand Aarhus C, ot , DK
23456 5.6 years ago Paul Britton Sprine, TX , US It is too bad the government is making an example of you!
23455 5.6 years ago Kathy Knetge GA , US Doing the right thing should not be punished... Screw those bastards...
23454 5.6 years ago Saveta Catic Novi Sad, ot , SP
23453 5.6 years ago Lawrence Merlino Saugerties, NY , US You should be hailed as a hero who had the courage to expose wrong-doing and corruption in the government's handling of the overseas situations, instead of being vilified and made out to be traitor....
23452 5.7 years ago carolyn connor mac, FL , US I'll put you in my prayers. hang in there and ask God to help, He listens.
23451 5.7 years ago Anonymous Erith, Kent. United Kingdom, ot , GB
23450 5.7 years ago Anonymous Erith, Kent. United Kingdom, ot , GB
23449 5.7 years ago William Justus Lebanon, OH , US Bradley, I think it is criminal that you are charged with a crime, when G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld HAVE NOT BEEN CHARGED WITH PERJURY, they Lied to all of us to get us into this war ...
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