Thank Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning has pleaded guilty to actions that fulfilled his moral obligations, and for which he has our gratitude.

We're going to thank him, and you can add your name to the card below.

This petition has a goal of 25000 signatures
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23448 5.6 years ago Debby Dieckman Newberg, OR , US
23447 5.6 years ago Nathan Myers Davis, OR , US
23446 5.6 years ago Kimberly Sloan Fair Oaks, CA , US
23445 5.6 years ago Ellen Davis Los Angeles, CA , US
23444 5.6 years ago Diane Provenz Otis, MA , US
23443 5.6 years ago Austin Ellis OH , US
23442 5.6 years ago Krista Caudill Tucson, AZ , US
23441 5.6 years ago Brittany Campbell Arcata, CA , US
23440 5.7 years ago Muneeb Khan Foster City, CA , US
23439 5.7 years ago Christopher Sorge Douglas, WY , US
23438 5.7 years ago Thelma Yates Lovell, WY , US
23437 5.7 years ago Kenneth Edwards Lovell, WY , US To be persecuted for upholding your oath of service is beyond disgust. The war crimes you exposed and then had to endure upon yourself MUST be prosecuted, as the war crimes they are. You saw terror...
23436 5.7 years ago peter yackel Plymouth, MN , US
23435 5.7 years ago Ian Brown Cheadle, ot , GB
23434 5.7 years ago frances campbell auckland New Zealand, CA , US
23433 5.7 years ago Anonymous Prince George, CA Thank you for doing whats right and being the most brave man to protect us all.
23432 5.7 years ago andrew schooley AB , CA
23431 5.7 years ago David Hawkins Bremerton, WA , US
23430 5.7 years ago Gary Seth Delray Beach, FL , US
23429 5.7 years ago Elvis gonsales providence, RI , US more power to you Bradley Manning, you have the great courage and lot of heart, it is a disgrace that you did the right thing,the moral thing to tell the truth, yet the real criminals are not on tri...
23428 5.7 years ago Renee Doyle Riverside, CA , US
23427 5.7 years ago Dana Stickney Mattapoisett, MA , US
23426 5.7 years ago David Stupin Santa Fe, NM , US Thank you for informing me about the criminal, immoral and stupid actions of our government. I wish I had your courage. Every American should be grateful for your work.
23425 5.7 years ago Dan Turner Jr. decatur, IL , US Awesome American. You saw the evil being commited, your heart and soul compelled you to do the right thing and expose as much we have seen and heard. I applaud you, with standing ovation. HONEST TO ...
23424 5.7 years ago jim crowley lake forest, IL , US Tell the young man that his government are the traitors not him. He caught them covering up war crimes, performed his moral duty & gets punt shed for it ? Is this Nazi germany ?
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