Tell Bayer to stop killing bees

Bayer, the global chemical company, is manufacturing a chemical that new evidence shows is killing off bees.

30% of our crops -- and 90% of wild plants -- rely on bees to thrive.

Bayer has paid for biased research that “proves” its chemical isn’t a problem. But now independent scientists in Europe have discovered that Bayer’s chemical is a high risk to bees.

Bayer makes everything from Alka-Seltzer to Berocca to flea treatments for pets. Bayer knows that it needs to keep its customers happy. If it realizes that its customers are outraged, it will have to pull its bee-poisoning pesticide off the market.

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46990 4.9 years ago Robes London NY , US STOP killing those precious creatures that we all need!
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46987 4.9 years ago Serafima Jolkkonen FI Do the right thing. Change the direction.

Become the innovator that can thrive without neonicotoids.
46986 4.9 years ago Jordan Bethuram Broken Arrow, OK , US
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46984 4.9 years ago Anonymous ON , CA I won't use any products that are produced or connected to Bayer and I will encourage others to do the same.
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46982 4.9 years ago Karen Beall Volente, TX , US
46981 4.9 years ago Anonymous marion, OH , US Hopefully you all will receive these messages with an open mind.The one thing that is sure to get your attention will be a full boycott of ALL your products.Please reconsider using these poisons on ...
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46973 5 years ago sylvie carpentier ot ,
46972 5 years ago Anonymous NY , US So much evidence shows that bees are being killed by pesticides, especially the class of neonicotinoids. Please withdraw these for the sake of all of us. Thank you!
46971 5 years ago Ruth Pianalto Tontitown, AR , US We kill the bees and we are in serious trouble...we will hold those responsible...!!
46970 5 years ago Caryl Sawyer sandston, VA , US
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The dangerous chemical Bayer makes is a neonicotinoid. Neonicotonoids are soaked into seeds, spreading through the plant and killing insects stopping for a snack. These pesticides can easily be replaced by different chemicals that don’t soak so deeply into our crops. But companies like Bayer make a fortune from selling neonicotinoids - so they’ll do everything they can to protect their profit. It’s not just bees that are hurt by these chemicals. Research on rats found that neonicotinoids may also hurt human health, especially the developing brain. But as with the bees, we don’t know as much as we should about the health hazards, because companies like Bayer spend millions on research which muddies the water with biased studies. For Bayer, people’s health plays a distant second to their huge profits.

Wired: Controversial Pesticide Linked to Bee Collapse