Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

After receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama has made perpetual war look more perpetual than ever.

Today, there are more U.S. troops in Afghanistan than when Obama took office. His increasing intervention in Syria promises the loss of even more than the nearly 100,000 lives already needlessly sacrificed.  His intervention in Libya cost thousands of lives while destabilizing the entire region.  His presidency has widened the use of drones and other instruments of remote killing without limit to almost any place on the globe.

Please sign this petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee:

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28434 1 year ago Joseph Merriman mammoth lakes, CA , US
28433 1 year ago Anonymous chicago, IL , US Drone strikes and endless wars. Time to hold our leaders and the military industrial complex accountable
28432 1 year ago Hermod Bjørklund Harstad , NO warmunger
28431 1 year ago Howard Charles Yourow, S.J.D.
28430 1 year ago isabella campagnol
28429 1 year ago Anonymous ot , DE Obama is in one proud line with Bush sen. and jun.
28428 1 year ago Nigel Cook GB History shows Obama as a neo con warmonger, who has killed innocent civilians
28427 1 year ago Bryan Smith Eastampton, NJ , US Obama never deserved a peace prize in the first place, at least until he actually did something deserving. He never did though.
28426 1 year ago LY DUONG SAN GABRIEL, CA , US
28425 1 year ago Anonymous KE
28424 1 year ago Anonymous Birmingham, AL , US
28423 1 year ago Welby Cox RICHMOND, IN , US There is every possibility this president will be indicted and found guilty of treason...wouldn't that be an oxymornic circumstance for the committee?
28422 1 year ago Anonymous GB The President should work for the US people not the warmongering 1% elite. Not spreading death and hatred through drone killings
28421 1 year ago Anonymous west kirby, GB he and Hillary caused more deaths in the middle east than any American regime they should be in prison for treason
28420 1 year ago Diane Sare BOGOTA, NJ , US Obama is a killer. Imagine deciding once a week whom to kill with drones. But more deadly, he is threatening Russia, which should be an ally.
28419 1 year ago Amber Smith GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FL , US
28418 1 year ago Margaret Greenspan Hackensack, NJ , US
28417 1 year ago Torey Hall Hackensack, NJ , US Yes, do it.
28416 1 year ago Avneet Hall NJ , US Let's do it!
28415 1 year ago Bryan Barjas Los Angeles, CA , US Lyndon LaRouche deserves this Peace Prize.
28414 1 year ago Anonymous Pineville , LA , US The USA is in the worst shape I've ever see in my 35 years of life. People are more angry and divided than ever, the rest of the world hates us for our war mongering, and interference. Bush was ba...
28413 1 year ago Rayeann Kemp Compton, CA , US It's a shame we have done to much for him because he is considered African american, and whites felt guilty. They shouldn't have. It's a well known fact Germans are the smartest people on the planet...
28412 1 year ago Vincent Fink Houston, TX , US Giving it on expectations was asinine. Not taking it back after so many wars and bloodshed under his rule, without congressional approval in some cases is disgusting and degrades the prize. There is...
28411 1 year ago Chris Walton Pocatello, ID , US Obama has now been at war longer than any other president, including his idol Abraham Lincoln. In addition to being the day a new Nobel Peace Prize winner is announced, Oct. 7 also marks the 15th an...
28410 1 year ago Anonymous Clemmons, NC , US President Obama created more war than peace.
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