Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

After receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama has made perpetual war look more perpetual than ever.

Today, there are more U.S. troops in Afghanistan than when Obama took office. His increasing intervention in Syria promises the loss of even more than the nearly 100,000 lives already needlessly sacrificed.  His intervention in Libya cost thousands of lives while destabilizing the entire region.  His presidency has widened the use of drones and other instruments of remote killing without limit to almost any place on the globe.

Please sign this petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee:

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28540 11 months ago marcia manning annapolis, MD , US bad choice does not deserve the
PEACE prize.
28539 11 months ago Sonya Marshall Glen Burnie , MD , US He did nothing to earn it.
28538 11 months ago Anonymous CA
28537 11 months ago Anonymous Anchorage, AK , US Mr Obama is not deserving of this award. When the award was presented, his only achievement was to be selected the first African-American president. After that, his actions did not showed any intere...
28536 11 months ago Sol Dorchester
28535 11 months ago Anonymous Pflugerville, TX , US He did not do anything deserving for the Nobel Peace Prize.
28534 11 months ago Phyllis Jefferies Hot Springs, AR , US
28533 12 months ago Anonymous Under Obama's watch, we saw the creation of ISIS, riots/violence in the streets of Baltimore & Ferguson (and more), black on black crime increase, violence against the police increase, red l...
28532 12 months ago Michael Carr Newcomerstown, OH , US He did absolutely nothing to get the Nobel Peace prize, take it from Obama and give it to president trump.
28531 12 months ago Louis Esposito se, FL , US If Obama continues to hold the Peace Prize, the award no longer means anything. His winning of the Nobel Prize cheapens all other previous and future recipients of the prize. Expectations over actio...
28530 12 months ago Robert Goldschmidt It's not a valid award because he never lived up to the criteria he was awarded door.
28529 12 months ago Anonymous There are endless reasons why this man should not have the Nobel Peace Prize. Makes winning this prize a joke!
28528 12 months ago Ven Andreyuk San Marcos, CA , US He is not worthy of Nobel Prize!
28527 12 months ago Edward D Hederman Crestwood, IL , US
28526 12 months ago Anonymous If Obama continues to hold the Peace Prize, the award no longer means anything. It should ONLY go to someone who has achieved peace and after they have done so. If not, I should be elected the Peace...
28525 12 months ago Anonymous Jackson, OH , US He never should have been given the prize before he did anything. He divide the world did not promote peace at all. Take it away .
28524 1 year ago Anonymous Redding, CA , US
28523 1 year ago Anonymous Arlington , TX , US
28522 1 year ago Glenn Yoder Port Richey, FL , US He should also be arrested for, all the misery and death he has caused all around the world
28521 1 year ago Peter Yoo His winning of the Nobel Prize cheapens all other previous and future recipients of the prize.
28520 1 year ago Sheryl Musfelt Salina, KS , US Treasonist don't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
28519 1 year ago Anonymous Banba, SD , US It was a RACIST award. Plain and simple.
28518 1 year ago Anonymous Banba, SD , US Iran nuke deal is agaibat humanity
28517 1 year ago Anonymous Banba, SD , US #revokebarrysprize
28516 1 year ago Stephanie Scott Louisville , KY , US He did not deserve it
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