Tell Amnesty Int'l: Have a Single Standard on War

Amnesty International poster supporting NATO's war:

Some human rights groups, especially Amnesty International, seem to have forgotten to oppose all violations of human rights -- by all sides -- in war.1

Please sign this petition to Amnesty:

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8958 5.6 years ago Anonymous Erie, PA , US
8957 5.6 years ago Kathleen Bates Pittsburgh, PA , US I was disturbed and dismayed by your shilling for the war in Libya, and now it has been shown that this is your routine stance, no more contributions from me til you forgo war enabling.
8956 5.6 years ago Mary Shesgreen Elgin, IL , US
8955 5.6 years ago Jay Bert NYC, NY , US
8954 5.7 years ago Nicholas Page Ferndale, WA , US
8953 5.7 years ago Knut Øvrebø NO
8952 5.7 years ago Steve Deibele Kiel, WI , US
8951 5.7 years ago Michelle Rose Cary, NC , US Violent for any reason is still violence.
8950 5.7 years ago Paul Turney Bedford, ot , GB I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
8949 5.7 years ago martha crean ON , CA Dear Amnesty International.

After years of supporting AI I was dismayed by the
creeping acceptance of partisanship, and indeed, of
violence itself, if done in the name of the It is very difficult to maintain conistency at times, but histoically AI did so with courage.

As a Canadian I am dismayed by the destruction NATO has actually been engaged in, albeit with good intentions.
As a woman and mother, I am disappointed by the abortion advocacy of Amnesty International.
Abortion is a symptom of a problem, not a solution, and it is certainly not peaceful.

Countries that have withdrawn from institutionalied abortion have seen an improvemnt in maternal and infant health, such as in Chile or Poland.
Please AI. get consistent\'\'\'Support peace and life.
Martha'); return false;">...
8948 5.7 years ago David Ellison,Jr. Edisto Island, SC , US
8947 5.7 years ago Ivar Jørdre Bergen, ot , NO
8946 5.7 years ago Lessye DeMoss Tuscaloosa, AL , US
8945 5.7 years ago Karen Albright Greenwood, MS , US Amnesty International, you have done so much good for so many, but I can no longer donate. You have chosen to promote abortion as well as war. Please support the rights of ALL humans. Thanks.
8944 5.7 years ago Karen Campbell Citrus Heights, CA , US
8943 5.7 years ago Nancy Currah Casper, WY , US Hey, STOP CHEARLEADING FOR THE ADMINISTRATION, PERIOD! I am ready to pull my monthly donation.
8942 5.7 years ago Elisabeth Fiekowsky Sebastopol, CA , US
8941 5.7 years ago Elvira Vahlström Boden, ot , SE
8940 5.7 years ago Bruce Laughbaum Thornville, OH , US
8939 5.7 years ago Martha and Irwin Spiegelman Amherst, MA , US All that truth needs is to appear. (paraphrase) ---Th. Paine
8938 5.7 years ago Irwin and Martha Spiegelman Amherst, MA , US
8937 5.7 years ago Laura Prendergast Albany, NY , US
8936 5.7 years ago Scott Taylor Richardson, TX , US
8935 5.7 years ago Tom Haws Mesa, AZ , US It's hard to understand what evil you are against if you aren't equally against all the evils of war.
8934 5.7 years ago Dona Wheeler Leverett, MA , US
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