Tell Amnesty Int'l: Have a Single Standard on War

Amnesty International poster supporting NATO's war:

Some human rights groups, especially Amnesty International, seem to have forgotten to oppose all violations of human rights -- by all sides -- in war.1

Please sign this petition to Amnesty:

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8932 4.8 years ago Thomas Parlin Winona, MN , US I am asking you also to rethink your support of abortion. You are not being consistent as a human rights organization if you support any side in war and in your support of abortion.
8931 4.8 years ago Sarah Degner Riveros Valparaiso , MN , US
8930 4.8 years ago Linda Ballard Woburn, MA , US No war is a good war. Armed participants in war do not bring peace. Tere ARE no civil liberties for those who die and no guarantees for those who still must live in a war zone
8929 4.8 years ago Dan Esposito Manhattan Beach , CA , US
8928 4.8 years ago Vasu Murti Oakland, CA , US
8927 4.8 years ago Jacob Steele La Crosse, WI , US
8926 4.8 years ago Lea Hodges Ashburn, VA , US
8925 4.8 years ago Anita Wald-Tuttle Grass Valley, CA , US YES - include all wars, too
8924 4.8 years ago Janice Dlugosz Beachwood, NJ , US
8923 4.8 years ago Anonymous Carlisle, PA , US
8922 4.8 years ago James Brady Haarlem, ot , NL
8921 4.8 years ago Sherry Buch Los Angeles, CA , US
8920 4.8 years ago Anonymous Bridgewater, MA , US
8919 4.8 years ago Areil Larsen San Luis Obispo, CA , US
8918 4.8 years ago John Berman Brooklyn, NY , US
8917 4.8 years ago Keith Brumwell Burien, WA , US
8916 4.8 years ago Kenneth Towle Rolling Prairie, IN , US
8915 4.8 years ago Anonymous New York, NY , US
8914 4.8 years ago Amy Burgess Chelsea, MI , US Be more /Quakerly; be a friend to all.
8913 4.8 years ago Lauren Bruer Los Angeles, CA , US
8912 4.8 years ago Lauren Bruer Los Angeles, CA , US
8911 4.8 years ago Federico Studer Rome, ot , IT
8910 4.8 years ago Joanne Thomas ESCONDIDO, CA , US
8909 4.8 years ago Anonymous Santa Cruz, CA , US
8908 4.8 years ago Lee Redfern Bradenton, FL , US I have always looked up to AI and am dismayed to find that you have not called the United States out on our own violations. You must call things as you see them and let the chips fall where they ma...
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