Tell Amnesty Int'l: Have a Single Standard on War

Amnesty International poster supporting NATO's war:

Some human rights groups, especially Amnesty International, seem to have forgotten to oppose all violations of human rights -- by all sides -- in war.1

Please sign this petition to Amnesty:

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9033 4.9 years ago Tarcisio Praciano-Pereira Sobral, ot , BR
9032 4.9 years ago Pamela Lau San Jose, CA , US
9031 4.9 years ago Roger Goldsmith GB
9030 4.9 years ago Desta Waldu Boston, MA , US
9029 4.9 years ago Ingrid Erickson Bellingham, WA , US
9028 4.9 years ago Irene Thompson San Pablo, CA , US
9027 4.9 years ago Matthew Ransom Fayetteville, AR , US
9026 4.9 years ago Lynn Ely Durham , NC , US
9025 4.9 years ago Connie Raper Durham, NC , US
9024 4.9 years ago Ciaran Finnega GB
9023 4.9 years ago Joel Watson Sacramento, CA , US
9022 4.9 years ago Anonymous Sacramento, CA , US
9021 4.9 years ago Nathan Myers Davis, OR , US
9020 5 years ago Christopher Marshall Santa Rosa, CA , US
9019 5 years ago Jason Boyer Kamas, UT , US
9018 5 years ago Russell De La Mare Lake Forest, CA , US
9017 5 years ago Catherine Wakely Waltham, MA , US
9016 5 years ago Jim Hard Sacramento, CA , US
9015 5 years ago Michelle Gershon Jacksonville, FL , US
9014 5 years ago John Honeck Hamlin, NY , US As a longtime Amnesty International USA member I find war making by any side to be troubling since we all know that 'war is hell.' Human rights violations by all sides during war should be Amnesty's...
9013 5 years ago Judith Hopkins Pownal, ME , US
9012 5 years ago Bob Smith
9011 5 years ago Simon Tesfamariam Durham, NC , US Amnesty I am disgusted by your imperial warmongering and hostilities against countries like Syria and Eritrea. We will not stand idly as you destroy developing nations under the cloak of human right...
9010 5 years ago David Hare Edinburgh, ot , GB
9009 5 years ago Abbas Ali Mumbai, ot , IN
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