Tell Amnesty Int'l: Have a Single Standard on War

Amnesty International poster supporting NATO's war:

Some human rights groups, especially Amnesty International, seem to have forgotten to oppose all violations of human rights -- by all sides -- in war.1

Please sign this petition to Amnesty:

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9033 5.3 years ago Tarcisio Praciano-Pereira Sobral, ot , BR
9032 5.3 years ago Pamela Lau San Jose, CA , US
9031 5.3 years ago Roger Goldsmith GB
9030 5.3 years ago Desta Waldu Boston, MA , US
9029 5.3 years ago Ingrid Erickson Bellingham, WA , US
9028 5.4 years ago Irene Thompson San Pablo, CA , US
9027 5.4 years ago Matthew Ransom Fayetteville, AR , US
9026 5.4 years ago Lynn Ely Durham , NC , US
9025 5.4 years ago Connie Raper Durham, NC , US
9024 5.4 years ago Ciaran Finnega GB
9023 5.4 years ago Joel Watson Sacramento, CA , US
9022 5.4 years ago Anonymous Sacramento, CA , US
9021 5.4 years ago Nathan Myers Davis, OR , US
9020 5.4 years ago Christopher Marshall Santa Rosa, CA , US
9019 5.4 years ago Jason Boyer Kamas, UT , US
9018 5.4 years ago Russell De La Mare Lake Forest, CA , US
9017 5.4 years ago Catherine Wakely Waltham, MA , US
9016 5.4 years ago Jim Hard Sacramento, CA , US
9015 5.4 years ago Michelle Gershon Jacksonville, FL , US
9014 5.4 years ago John Honeck Hamlin, NY , US As a longtime Amnesty International USA member I find war making by any side to be troubling since we all know that 'war is hell.' Human rights violations by all sides during war should be Amnesty's...
9013 5.5 years ago Judith Hopkins Pownal, ME , US
9012 5.5 years ago Bob Smith
9011 5.5 years ago Simon Tesfamariam Durham, NC , US Amnesty I am disgusted by your imperial warmongering and hostilities against countries like Syria and Eritrea. We will not stand idly as you destroy developing nations under the cloak of human right...
9010 5.5 years ago David Hare Edinburgh, ot , GB
9009 5.5 years ago Abbas Ali Mumbai, ot , IN
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