Tell Amnesty Int'l: Have a Single Standard on War

Amnesty International poster supporting NATO's war:

Some human rights groups, especially Amnesty International, seem to have forgotten to oppose all violations of human rights -- by all sides -- in war.1

Please sign this petition to Amnesty:

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8983 5.5 years ago Cllr Jacqi Hodgson Totnes, ot , GB
8982 5.5 years ago jeff hopkins Lindenhurst, IL , US
8981 5.5 years ago Jim Watkins Kentwood, MI , US
8980 5.5 years ago Alan Ditmore Marshall, NC , US Please read these petitions advocating municipal environmental
contraception funding, which is increasingly politically realistic due
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8979 5.5 years ago Joel Trupin Marshfield, VT , US
8978 5.5 years ago Kimberly Spiegel Norfolk, VA , US
8977 5.5 years ago april scheller middletown, CT , US I must admit I'm glad that rootsaction brought this up. Knowing the two sided nature of human rights violations just from reading the news I have not signed some AI petitions and this really makes m...
8976 5.5 years ago jeff hopkins Lindenhurst, IL , US
8975 5.5 years ago DARRELL LEGGE QC , CA I am a Jewish canadian and I will tell you I am very frightened what may come if you soft pedal israels violations of human rights and general crimes against humanity. So Please...
8974 5.5 years ago bernardo alayza mujica Sioux city, IA , US
8973 5.5 years ago Claire Chambers Murrieta, CA , US
8972 5.5 years ago Anonymous Madison, WI , US
8971 5.5 years ago jeff hopkins Lindenhurst, IL , US
8970 5.5 years ago Britton Saunders Milwaukee, WI , US
8969 5.5 years ago jeri fioramanti Green Bay, WI , US
8968 5.5 years ago Derek Ziomber Chicago, IL , US
8967 5.5 years ago john davies swansea, ot , GB AI will not get my support until it stops taking sides in conflicts. I am very disappointed in their bias relating to Syria.
8966 5.5 years ago Stacey Cannon Salisbury, NC , US
8965 5.5 years ago mojgan sarmadi zionsville, IN , US
8964 5.5 years ago Jennifer Fossen Littleton, CO , US
8963 5.5 years ago Mary O'Herron MD , US I believe that violence of any kind does not prevent violence but causes more in the long run.
8962 5.5 years ago Oliver Tringham DARTINGTON, ot , GB Amnesty needs to regain its independence.
8961 5.5 years ago Lynne Glaeske Denver, CO , US
8960 5.5 years ago Lise Brooke Felton, CA , US
8959 5.5 years ago Lareta Finger Rockingham, VA , US
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