Don't Koch the L.A. Times!

After years of mismanagement, the Tribune Company newspapers -- including the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times -- are up for sale.

And one of the potential buyers? The Koch brothers.
New York Times: Koch Brothers Turning Focus to Newspapers
Chicago Tribune: Protesters Urge Tribune Co. Not to Sell
Free Press: Tribune Joins Rush to Consolidate with TV Deal

Yes, those Koch brothers: the billionaire businessmen who run Koch Industries, a sprawling multinational corporation involved in everything from oil to fertilizer to paper towels to bankrolling right-wing political causes.

Join RootsAction in sending this message to the Tribune Company:

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68057 4.8 years ago Jamie Anderson-Stewart Odessa, TX , US
68056 4.8 years ago Cynthia La Croix Alameda, CA , US
68055 4.8 years ago Barbara McKasson Carbondale, IL , US
68054 4.8 years ago Anonymous Brownsville, TX , US Selling the media out buyers that will limit the info is not cool
68053 4.8 years ago Sarah Anthony Raleigh, NC , US
68052 4.8 years ago Anonymous Champaign, IL , US
68051 4.8 years ago Mariana Salerno Ny, NY , US
68050 4.8 years ago marie Lee greeley, CO , US
68049 4.8 years ago deborah chase milford, MA , US
68048 4.8 years ago Annie Weber Midlothian, VA , US
68047 4.8 years ago Connie Jean Santa Monica, CA , US
68046 4.8 years ago Paul Stills Santa Monica, CA , US
68045 4.8 years ago mariana hartmann Sun City, AZ , US I grew up in Elmhurst , IL Our family were faithful subscribers to the Trib. Please do not sell to the Kock. They are doing enough harm already. Journalism is too precious a profession to tu...
68044 4.8 years ago Jaime Benavides Lima, ot , PE
68043 4.8 years ago Bret Tyrey Warrenton, MO , US
68042 4.8 years ago Luis Pena Bronx, NY , US
68041 4.8 years ago Gillian Brown Bowie, MD , US
68040 4.8 years ago Jim Head Oak Park, MI , US
68039 4.8 years ago Jeannie Ott LAS VEGAS, NV , US
68038 4.8 years ago Wyatt Hale Brookville, PA , US
68037 4.8 years ago Gale Carpenter Holly, MI , US
68036 4.8 years ago Geoffrey Johnson Kenmore, WA , US
68035 4.8 years ago bethany larkin north kingstown, RI , US
68034 4.8 years ago Anonymous Brooktondale, NY , US
68033 4.8 years ago Sue Branson Sedalia, MO , US
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