Don't Koch the L.A. Times!

After years of mismanagement, the Tribune Company newspapers -- including the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times -- are up for sale.

And one of the potential buyers? The Koch brothers.
New York Times: Koch Brothers Turning Focus to Newspapers
Chicago Tribune: Protesters Urge Tribune Co. Not to Sell
Free Press: Tribune Joins Rush to Consolidate with TV Deal

Yes, those Koch brothers: the billionaire businessmen who run Koch Industries, a sprawling multinational corporation involved in everything from oil to fertilizer to paper towels to bankrolling right-wing political causes.

Join RootsAction in sending this message to the Tribune Company:

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68112 5 years ago Patricia Newman Gibson, LA , US I loved your newspaper in prior years. Your standards dropped in the last 10 years. I stopped your paper and reported my feelings to your office. I hope you do not sell out to anyone. Just report th...
68111 5 years ago Terry Elwell Wenatchee, WA , US RES IPSA LOQUITOR!!!
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