Thank NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

Our country is in the midst of a struggle between the growing surveillance state and our precious civil liberties. Now a whistleblower has boldly stepped forward to expose the National Security Agency’s vast spying on our phone records and online communications.

Explaining his actions, the 29-year-old computer expert said: “I can't in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building."


The Guardian: NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions
The Guardian: NSA Prism Program Taps in to User Data
The Guardian: Edward Snowden: the Whistleblower

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64538 5 years ago john cooper TX , US I am nervous typing this message. Even as I type these words I imagine the possibility of someone watching on the other side; as small as that possibility is, I know. The Edward Snowden Interview wi...
64537 5 years ago Joan Russell Martinez, CA , US You are a very courageous young man...thank you...I hope you are freed to come home sooner than later...
64536 5 years ago Anonymous Hoboken, NJ , US I'm signing this petition as "anonymous" as a tribute to Edward Snowden for fighting for my privacy. Thank you, Edward!
64535 5 years ago Kevin Brosius OH , US Thank you for exposing the misdeeds of the criminal scum who have stolen this country from us. It may not in the end come to much, but anything that inconveniences them even a little can only be a ...
64534 5 years ago larry miller Thank you Mr. Snowden. If we had a lot more people like you we might be able to save this great country from organized crime at its finest.
64533 5 years ago Ed Hamilton US Ed Snowden, Thank you! You have hit a great 'home run', and set a great example! Here is another 'home run' waiting to be hit -- please expose:
64532 5 years ago Ptolemy Adams Grandville, MI , US Thanks Ed ! If not for you the world might not of known how pervasive the US spying has been.You are a hero!
64531 5 years ago Ptolemy Adams Grandville, MI , US
64530 5 years ago Tove Hansen DK
64529 5 years ago Carolyn Griffin Ventura, CA , US How do I reach Edward Snowden?
64528 5 years ago Andrea Hinkle Terlingua, TX , US I thank you & admire you for how you are and what you did. I wish you were in charge of watching & protecting us from our own government. You are a true American & I hope you can come home.
64527 5 years ago Snow walk greendale, WI , US Good job it sad that they would trow you in prison but well not trow or presidents in prison for the felony acts treason are constitution are presidents should be took out back and hung like they di...
64526 5 years ago dev saxena IN
64525 5 years ago Vinayak Vinayak Kihei, HI , US
64524 5 years ago Shana Melanaphy Salem, MA , US Thank you so much for your act of bravery. I once believed wholeheartedly that my government was benevolent and incapable of committing heinous crimes against its people. But your revelations showed...
64523 5 years ago Deborah Cole alexandria, VA , US I worked as a DoD contractor. I even worked for Booz for a while too. After getting tired of harassment by corrupt government Intel men in charge, I was left with no choice to report it to make it ...
64522 5 years ago Jennifer Mc Clinton Linden, NJ , US Ending net neutrality will hurt the internet and prevent job creation. No competitive markets for consumers. Higher prices for substandard service. No win for consumers! Nope!
64521 5 years ago Anonymous Sacramento, CA , US does this really bother you? are you effected personally by all of this? are you so dumb to see that this is necessary for national security? try living in iran or north korea and see how your life ...
64520 5 years ago Marilu Garcia Salutations, Eddie. Not to be loony or anything, but I think you might happen to be the closest though neither of us has actually met each other yet.

By the way, I just came here...
64519 5.1 years ago L Glasner New York, NY , US
64518 5.1 years ago Marilu Garcia Hey, Eddie, congratulations! Not only you're one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People of 2013, but you're also influential worldwide.
64517 5.1 years ago Anonymous Minneapolis, MN , US
64516 5.1 years ago Robert Thurston Naples, FL , US Edward Snoweden = Real American Hero
64515 5.1 years ago Robin DeYoung ASPEN, CO , US You're a true Patriot..please come home soon!
64514 5.1 years ago Carlos Echevarria Inglewood, CA , US
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