Thank NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

Our country is in the midst of a struggle between the growing surveillance state and our precious civil liberties. Now a whistleblower has boldly stepped forward to expose the National Security Agency’s vast spying on our phone records and online communications.

Explaining his actions, the 29-year-old computer expert said: “I can't in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building."


The Guardian: NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions
The Guardian: NSA Prism Program Taps in to User Data
The Guardian: Edward Snowden: the Whistleblower

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64488 4.8 years ago douglas hartley cedar rapids , IA , US Much more can be told by such an honest man.
64487 4.8 years ago Christian BlackOps No comment, US As a conservative Christian who supports our national defense, I do take exception to our government's abuse of power and authority (i.e. NSA!) and doing so while acting under Color of Law a...
64486 4.8 years ago Anonymous ot , DK I thank Edward Snowden for his principled, wellargued and Civil Intelligent Service by informing the public about vast surveillance by the National Security Agency that undermines our civil liberties
64485 4.8 years ago Marilu Garcia Hello again, Eddie, and Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you are all right, after all you went through...
64484 4.8 years ago Anonymous Oslo, ot , NO
64483 4.8 years ago Anonymous Philadelphia, PA , US You are a brave young man!!
64482 4.8 years ago Trevor Marshall Thank you for doing your civil duty son. You did a good thing and make us very, very proud. I hope someone you receive the highest honor for your courage and integrity beyond all measure. You go!
64481 4.8 years ago Donna Roach springfield, OH , US I applaud you for your bravery. Only thru secrecy shall they survive!
64480 4.8 years ago Anonymous Port Moody, BC , CA
64479 4.8 years ago Giovanna Fabiani Thank you Edward. I believe we need a man like you in the White House! Courageous and resilient.
64478 4.8 years ago Todd Qualiano Loudonville, NY , US I applaud you for your services to the American people. You have been a big inspiration to me for your selfless acts.
64477 4.8 years ago Jahn Quinnett eau claire, WI , US There are people violating these powers of surveillance. Using them to determine peoples wherabouts and stalk, harrass, rape, and otherwise manipulate people to their own ends. When millions of pe...
64476 4.8 years ago Charles Brainard New York,, NY , US Thank you! Your integrity and courage inspire us.
64475 4.9 years ago Dillon Robinson Grand Junction, CO , US You are an inspiration and have some balls! We need more people like you, and I want to ensure that you are written in history as a defender of liberty, because some will try to portray you as a tra...
64474 4.9 years ago Anonymous US I must say Mr Snowden, i thought the "Great American Hero" died out a long time ago, but there you go proving me wrong. The United States people owe you much more than just a simple thank you. One d...
64473 4.9 years ago Susan BRITTON-SEYLER CHESTER SPRINGS, PA , US This is a complicated situation- after a lot of discernment I believe that Mr Snowden is a sincere whistle blower. I'd like to know how he made his own decision.
64472 4.9 years ago Eric Rocque US Mr Snowden. Your act of self sacrifice to expose the insane breaches of privacy being committed are in keeping with the ideals this nation was founded on. Thank you for everything you've done for ...
64471 4.9 years ago Anika Mahoney Laramie, WY , US Thank you for speaking out!
64470 4.9 years ago Giang Nguyen lynnwood, WA , US Thank you Mr. Snowden!
64469 4.9 years ago Robin Hollers Creedmoor, NC , US I am so in awe of your enormous sacrifice. Thank you just seems inadequate in the face of all you've had to give up. But I am so grateful for all you've done. I pray for your safe return and the r...
64468 4.9 years ago Jean-Pierre Boullanger Butry, ot , FX Many thanks Mr Snowden for the rebirth of democratic spirit in US
64467 4.9 years ago Anonymous Thanks from Canada for all your hard work!
64466 4.9 years ago Dennis Wright West Milton , OH , US
64465 4.9 years ago Michael Calvo Springfield, TN , US You are a true patriot to our country and our values. Thank you for protecting our freedom.
64464 4.9 years ago Andrew Reed Columbia, SC , US Mr. Snowden, it looks like your act of great courage is finally beginning to affect the surveillance state - awareness causing the erosion of ignorance and therefore more and more concern among the ...
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