Create a Peace Pact Holiday on August 27th

Our holidays include Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day, Yellow Ribbon Day, Independence Day, Military Spouses Appreciation Day, Iraq-Afghanistan Wars Day (yes, Congress created this)

Are you beginning to see a pattern? 

If you think another holiday should be included, please add your name:

When the World Outlawed War, by David Swanson
A New Holiday Is Being Created for Peace
The Peace Pact is listed as in force on the
U.S. State Department website

(open the document, scroll to page 454)


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11843 2.3 years ago Grace Shahrokh NC , US
11842 2.3 years ago Douglas Vaughn MD , US
11841 2.3 years ago Hilda J Richey WI , US
11840 2.3 years ago Barbara Martinez WI , US
11839 2.3 years ago Ronald Edwin Staff MN , US Good law.
11838 2.3 years ago Norman Hutchinson NY , US
11837 2.3 years ago Anonymous KS , US In dereliction of its Constitutional duty, the US Congress has not addressed the issue of war/peace except through a "War Powers" act which allows the president to do whatever he pleases.
11836 2.3 years ago Melvin Turcanik MN , US
11835 2.3 years ago Charles Davis WA , US
11834 2.3 years ago Charles Davis WA , US
11833 2.3 years ago Gary Eichelberger PA , US
11832 2.3 years ago Ross Heckmann CA , US
11831 2.3 years ago Sandra Blessing IA , US War is not helping our planet and the people who live on it. It's a money making scheme to keep the profits in the hands of those in power.
11830 2.4 years ago Judy White MT , US We have a war department. I believe we should have a Peace Department, dedicated to the ways of peace. And I believe we should have a University of teach us the ways and means of peaceful...
11829 2.8 years ago Jim Burrill CA , US The Kellogg-Briand Pact was the incredible success of a huge diverse grassroots coalition able to convince 62 nations to sign an agreement to end war – a success which we have much to learn from. A...
11828 3.1 years ago Eric Wollscheid IL , US
11827 3.1 years ago EILEEN KING FL , US
11826 3.2 years ago Eric Wollscheid IL , US
11825 3.3 years ago Anonymous TX , US
11824 3.3 years ago Mary Ellen Meckley IL , US
11823 3.3 years ago Evelyn Tischer SK , CA Build on the Kellog Briand pact and eliminate war !
11822 3.3 years ago Marie-Rose Niklaus-Raaflaub ot , CH
11821 3.3 years ago Gary Jones IL , US War! what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.
11820 3.3 years ago Rosemarie Pace NY , US This would be a wonderful way to make people aware of this vital Pact. Yes to a new holiday!
11819 3.3 years ago Thomad Minnock CT , US Peace is such an obvious thing
Why do we try so hard to avoid it?
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