Create a Peace Pact Holiday on August 27th

Our holidays include Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day, Yellow Ribbon Day, Independence Day, Military Spouses Appreciation Day, Iraq-Afghanistan Wars Day (yes, Congress created this)

Are you beginning to see a pattern? 

If you think another holiday should be included, please add your name:

When the World Outlawed War, by David Swanson
A New Holiday Is Being Created for Peace
The Peace Pact is listed as in force on the
U.S. State Department website

(open the document, scroll to page 454)


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11820 3.4 years ago Rosemarie Pace NY , US This would be a wonderful way to make people aware of this vital Pact. Yes to a new holiday!
11819 3.4 years ago Thomad Minnock CT , US Peace is such an obvious thing
Why do we try so hard to avoid it?
11818 3.4 years ago Dan Welsh NY , US Study peace!
11817 3.4 years ago Vic Hunter IL , US
11816 3.4 years ago Marie Takada IL , US
11815 3.4 years ago Jody Ashenhurst IL , US
11814 3.4 years ago april miller IL , US
11813 3.4 years ago rosemary schoppert IL , US
11812 3.4 years ago Josephine Roche IL , US So glad to read about this Pact. Thanks for enlightening us. Please keep informing the public. More emphasis should be on the value of respectful communication and diplomacy.
11811 3.5 years ago jan weeks RD IL , US
11810 3.5 years ago Pat Haynes IL , US
11809 3.5 years ago Jagannath Devulapally IL , US
11808 3.5 years ago Anonymous IL , US
11807 3.5 years ago Rachel Herbener IL , US
11806 3.5 years ago diane kopand IL , US
11805 3.5 years ago Marjean Doden IL , US
11804 3.5 years ago Andrea Gruszecki WA , US I am a Veteran, and I believe the world would be a better place if all nations honored the peace pact and studied war no more.
11803 3.5 years ago Terrance Chadd IN , US
11802 3.5 years ago Chris Kaihatsu IL , US
11801 3.5 years ago James Sullivan IL , US
11800 3.5 years ago Mary Kullman IL , US
11799 3.5 years ago Joyce Hilkevitch IL , US
11798 3.5 years ago Angelica Palomo IL , US
11797 3.5 years ago Anonymous IL , US I am always amazed at how easy it is for some of our leaders to send others into war. Obviously many of them have not experienced first-hand the effects of war on the soldier. My husband was draft...
11796 3.5 years ago Donald Sebestyen IL , US
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