Secretary of State Kerry: Reinstate Edward Snowden’s passport!

The U.S. State Department revoked the passport of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose “crime” was to educate Americans and the world about the dangerous growth of the U.S. surveillance state.

Freedom to travel requires a passport. It’s a basic principle.

Ed Snowden didn’t get the due process he deserves.

  Reuters: U.S. Revokes Snowden's Passport
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  Guardian: Brazilian President: U.S. “Breach of International Law”
  Washington Post: NSA Collects Millions of Address Books
  Ray McGovern: Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award

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66958 2.4 years ago Anonymous Delta, BC , CA
66957 2.4 years ago Mary A Borchers Romney, WV , US
66956 2.4 years ago Anne Ellis Cookeville, TN , US
66955 2.4 years ago Julio Uchimura lynchburg, VA , US
66954 2.4 years ago Anonymous San Diego, CA , US
66953 2.4 years ago Monica Hiatt Houston, TX , US
66952 2.4 years ago Phyllis VanderLaan Muskegon, MI , US He is not a traitor. He helped open people's eyes. He should come home. He deserves freedom.
66951 2.4 years ago Anonymous Grayslake, IL , US History, unless re-written to cover over The Bush Doctrine's gross violations of UN-chartered human rights and international law, will show Mr. Snowden's courage deserves a Medal of Honor for inform...
66950 2.4 years ago Hal Fuchs San Francisco, CA , US
66949 2.4 years ago Kathleen Mezoff Gallup, NM , US
66948 2.4 years ago Cinda Rubinstein Chicago, IL , US
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66942 2.4 years ago Kathy Woods Alameda , CA , US
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66940 2.4 years ago Claire Tarantino Saratoga Springs, NY , US
66939 2.4 years ago Steven Kuchinsky Highland Park, NJ , US
66938 2.4 years ago Anonymous Alexander, AR , US We are better than this. We have out of control sanctuary cities but y'all pick on this guy....
66937 2.4 years ago Cathy Sullivan Melbourne, FL , US
66936 2.4 years ago Charlotte Ruiloba Albuquerque, NM , US
66935 2.5 years ago Christian Jacques BE
66934 2.5 years ago Jessica Pascale Boonton, NJ , US
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