Washington Post: Readers Deserve Full Disclosure in Coverage of CIA

The Washington Post should be honest with readers about a big conflict of interest: The newspaper's new owner Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon -- which recently landed a $600 million contract with the CIA.

The Post often does reporting on CIA activities. The coverage should include full disclosure that the owner of the Washington Post is also the main owner of Amazon -- and Amazon is now gaining huge profits directly from the CIA.
 Bloomberg News: Amazon Wins Ruling for $600 Million CIA Cloud Contract
Information Week: Amazon Wins Best Cloud in CIA Bake-Off
Washington Post: What Jeff Bezos Has to Say About Amazon’s CIA Contracts
InformationWeek: Amazon Again Beats IBM for CIA Cloud Contract
FAIR: Amazon, WikiLeaks, the Washington Post and the CIA

RootsAction co-founder Norman Solomon delivering the first batch of petitions -- signed by 30,000 people -- at the Washington Post headquarters in January 2014:

Tell the Washington Post that readers of its articles on the CIA have a right to know that the Post’s owner is in business with the CIA.

Please sign this petition to the Washington Post:

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36215 9 months ago David Chess Mohegan Lake, NY
36214 9 months ago Alan Ditmore Marshall, NC Please read these petitions advocating municipal environmental
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to The Big Sort in more and more towns, and helps women'will get even worse no matter what we do, but the unrealized political potential, the low hanging fruit, is in making the best places even better. This opportunity is being caused by The Big Sort. Mayors are not answerable to rural voters, unlike governors and presidents.
We americans love cars more than babies, Very soon we will have to choose, and we will choose cars.

All immigration, even environmental engineers, pollutes the environment, with the possible exceptions of low fertility gay immigration and those immigrants who can prove that they are permanently sterile and childless.

Gay neighbors mean lower school tax.

Public schools harm the environment by exploiting childless taxpayers.'); return false;">...
36213 9 months ago Sebrina Carter ID
36212 9 months ago Anonymous Sapulpa, OK
36211 9 months ago Paul Ferrell
36210 9 months ago Anonymous Lond, OH We're coming for you corrupt fuckers, GET READY
36209 9 months ago donna drayton west berlin, NJ collusion is illegal.............
36208 9 months ago lorraine Upton santa fe, NM CIA owns Washington Post
36207 9 months ago Jody fritzke Stacy, MN
36206 9 months ago keith brooks Brooklyn, NY
36205 9 months ago Eduard Abramov
36204 10 months ago Chris Lisenby Fayetteville, NC
36203 10 months ago Perry Hoberman Los Angeles, CA
36202 10 months ago freda Lee VOORHEES, NJ what amazon or washington post for a cloud and who will check to make sure its secure
36201 10 months ago David Pera MINNEAPOLIS, MN The USA has drifted into fascism, but people do not seem to mind. When the majority of the people choose to take no action, the more blatant and open the criminality of the oligarchy becomes.
36200 10 months ago Barbara Callahan Valley Stream, NY
36199 10 months ago Angelique Chelton Denver, PA
36198 10 months ago Philip Lueders NY 40 years ago this alliance would have been a major scandal of anti-democratic collusion--a flaming sample of 4th Estate subjection to the Deep State. This transaction depicts the lowest-born form o...
36197 10 months ago Robert Aber Los Angeles, CA
36196 10 months ago Libby DeVore-Regonas Snohomish, WA
36195 10 months ago Paul Christiansen
36194 10 months ago Elizabeth Mednick Philadelphia, PA
36193 10 months ago Ingrid Wreden Kåss
36192 10 months ago Maria Cox North Judson , IN We need full disclosure so the sheep know they're reading propaganda.
36191 10 months ago kathleenMary cylkowski fayetteville, NC
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