Please write to Judge Thapar to encourage leniency for the Oak Ridge 3, nonviolent protesters of nuclear weapons

On February 18, 2014, three nonviolent protesters against nuclear weapons, Sr. Megan Rice, Michael Walli and Gregory Boertje-Obed, are scheduled to be sentenced in U.S. District Court in Knoxville, Tennessee, for the supposed crime of sabotage.

Washington Post: The Prophets of Oak Ridge
Daily News: Elderly Nun, 2 Other Protestors Found Guilty of Sabotage
Transform Now Plowshares
National Catholic Reporter: Trial Ends With Unusual Sentence

In a separate case in Kansas City, nuclear protesters were recently sentenced to write explanations of their concerns to be included in the court records. That seems far more appropriate than prison for people upholding the law and morality.

Please sign this petition that we'll be delivering to the judge:

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14798 4.7 years ago Peggy Love East Wenatchee, WA Set them free. They are certainly NOT terrorists. They are patriots of the highest order.
14797 4.7 years ago Katherine Franger Mountain View, CA
14796 4.7 years ago Sandra J. Collier Henderson, NV Please afford leniency for those fighting for peace.
14795 4.7 years ago Theresa Kastner Maryknkoll, NY
14794 4.7 years ago Cliff Kirchmer Fircrest, WA Nuclear weapons are a time bomb! Justice for Megan, Michael, and Greg!
14793 4.7 years ago Laurel Yorks Chico, CA
14792 4.7 years ago Kathleen Melchior-Wahl WA Please read Eric Schlosser's book, to see how unsafe we all are on this planet. COMMAND AND CONTROL To have nuclear weapons and then aim them at others is
neither sane nor morally acceptable...
14791 4.7 years ago Helen Phillips Maryknoll, NY
14790 4.7 years ago william donohue union, NJ
14789 4.7 years ago Jessie Poynton Maryknoll, NY These are good, courageous, gentle people. They wouldn't harm anything.
14788 4.7 years ago Judy Johnston Henderson, NV I know that you will be under pressure from both sides of the debate, but I have broken bread with Sr. Megan, and she is the furthest thing from a terrorist you are ever likely to meet!
14787 4.7 years ago Kevin Shelley
14786 4.7 years ago Judy Warkentin Reedley, CA
14785 4.7 years ago Patricia Baley Las Vegas, NV
14784 4.7 years ago Robert UZZILIO New Canaan , CT
14783 4.7 years ago Sister Patricia Desaulniers, MM Maryknoll, NY
14782 4.7 years ago Barry Binks Sacramento, CA
14781 4.7 years ago Jeanne Orr OR Civil dissent is a call to improvement... not a call to oppression or violence. Please recognize the noble service of these three as valuable.
14780 4.7 years ago Acie Gearheart Bluefield, WV
14779 4.7 years ago John Bagley Naperville, IL
14778 4.7 years ago C Jay Page Galveston, TX God blesses you Sr. Megan and may God bless you, Judge Thapar.
14777 4.7 years ago peggy coleman we continue to be with you Sr. Megan.
Peggy Coleman
San Jose, CA
14776 4.7 years ago Mira Leslie Seattle, WA These loving, peaceful Americans are deeply inspiring in their devotion to preserving our life on earth. Nuclear weapons are the terrorists.
14775 4.7 years ago don gerstman lafayette, CA
14774 4.7 years ago Darwyne Smith Fresno, CA
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