Court Backs Internet Censorship: Open The Internet Now!

A federal appeals court has sided with Verizon and against you, against us, against the Internet.

If this ruling stands, the Internet as we know it will die.

Wall Street Journal:
Appeals Court Strikes Down FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

TechCrunch: Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down FCC’s Open Internet Order

Forget free and open access. Picture a system like cable TV with corporations charging for different levels of access, and blocking access to information they don't favor!

The Internet is our tool for circumventing the corporate media, for reaching each other with a bit of truth and accuracy, for organizing each other into collective action. We cannot let this one go.

Sign this petition to the FCC, Congress, and the White House now!

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50460 4.7 years ago E Wheeler
50459 4.7 years ago matthew page
50458 4.7 years ago Anonymous It won't do anything. Internet censorship is a myth. People will always find out ways to breach the security.

Proxy tools like will always come in handy. And if they c...
50457 4.7 years ago Kathy Kelly The ability for these corporations to Monopolize each persons every day life needs, is incorrigible. It NEEDS to Stop!
50456 4.7 years ago Mick McMahon
50455 4.7 years ago Marc Scirri
50454 4.7 years ago Simon Shore The Internet is now essential for our civilisation to work properly.
Corporate control of the Internet would kill us as a civilisation.
50453 4.7 years ago Anonymous
50452 4.7 years ago Melvin Mackey Democracy cannot exist without the free flow of ideas. Protect freedom of speech!
50451 4.7 years ago Anonymous
50450 4.7 years ago David Greenwald
50449 4.7 years ago Gary Foley I'm ashamed of my government if they let these corporations so screw us like this.
50448 4.7 years ago FRANCIS ROBERTS
50447 4.7 years ago Reuben Robison
50446 4.7 years ago Anonymous
50445 4.7 years ago Richard Heffern
50444 4.7 years ago Alicia Smith
50443 4.7 years ago H
50442 4.7 years ago James Paine
50441 4.7 years ago Christopher Brock
50440 4.7 years ago Bud Naylor
50439 4.7 years ago Shirley Vitela
50438 4.7 years ago dylan terreri, i dear sir or vagina:

my name is dylan terreri, i go simply by "terreri," and i'm writing to websites of,,, and loneyhutchins

he said that i needed help. he said that i was "disturbed" to think that nobody has the right to make me feel cheated, when i took the name of someone else\'s song and used it as my own domain-name!

i may have been somewhat disturbed in 1998, after manipulating myself out of a faux-rehab facility called "21st century living services," which wasted one year of my life. i may have been completely crazy to share a house for almost two years with someone i met at the rest stop in laurel, maryland. listen here, dylan terreri is not crazy. terreri just had his head checked with a 6-hour evaluation at a brain-injury hospital, and terreri may be a little awry but he\'s not crazy. i can assume that in 1998, having just arrived in laurel, terreri may have been a little spiteful of other peoples\' means of bashing his gay existence every time he went online, but terreri has always been closer to the label of "a little awry" than to a full-blown "crazy".

i am NOT disturbed or crazy, and i DON\'T need help! this is what i told my web-host when he said i was disturbed: "if a phd at the head-injury hospital did not recommend \'help\' for me, after a 6-hour brain-evaluation, what makes you think that you know more? i can\'t help but take a quote from \'the nanny,\' here: "Oh, of course. The SWAT team and the FBI desperately need the producer of Jelly\'s Last Jam on their side\'.

please contact me if you want to help me make it illegal for people to register when is already taken.

dylan terreri, i, LLC
-------------------------- "When I\'m hungry, I eat. When I\'m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

dylan terreri, i, LLC
"When I\'m hungry, I eat. When I\'m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
--------------------------'); return false;">...
50437 4.7 years ago Thomas Allen
50436 4.7 years ago Anonymous
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