Court Backs Internet Censorship: Open The Internet Now!

A federal appeals court has sided with Verizon and against you, against us, against the Internet.

If this ruling stands, the Internet as we know it will die.

Wall Street Journal:
Appeals Court Strikes Down FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

TechCrunch: Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down FCC’s Open Internet Order

Forget free and open access. Picture a system like cable TV with corporations charging for different levels of access, and blocking access to information they don't favor!

The Internet is our tool for circumventing the corporate media, for reaching each other with a bit of truth and accuracy, for organizing each other into collective action. We cannot let this one go.

Sign this petition to the FCC, Congress, and the White House now!

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Number Date Name Feel free to add a comment.
50385 4.7 years ago E.S. Schloss
50384 4.7 years ago Bonita Lacy
50383 4.7 years ago Matt Gagnon
50382 4.7 years ago Louise Landress OPEN FREE internet
50381 4.7 years ago James Hand
50380 4.7 years ago Lee Blair
50379 4.7 years ago Marianne
50378 4.7 years ago Grayson Walton
50377 4.7 years ago Ken Harter Outrageous!
50376 4.7 years ago anonymous
50375 4.7 years ago Alice Allabastro Citizen's access to information should not be under corporate control.
50374 4.7 years ago Amelia Sefton
50373 4.7 years ago Joanne Grossi
50372 4.7 years ago Glen Anderson Democracy requires FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION, IDEAS, ETC. We need NET NEUTRALITY in order to PROTEXCT DEMOCRACY.
50371 4.7 years ago Alexander Metz
50370 4.7 years ago Anonymous
50369 4.7 years ago Susan McCormack
50368 4.7 years ago Terry Eaton The open net belongs to the people, and corporations should have no say in how we use it.
50367 4.7 years ago Nicole De Nardis
50366 4.7 years ago Robert D Finley Keep their greedy hands off my internet.
50365 4.7 years ago Anonymous
50364 4.7 years ago Anonymous The internet should also be a socialized system so that everyone has cheap access to a vital communications vehicle in this 21st century, we are falling behind and we do not either know it or those ...
50363 4.7 years ago Samuel Perron
50362 4.7 years ago Elaine Pryor
50361 4.7 years ago Garry Cobbum
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