Help shut off NSA's electricity

A bill with bipartisan support in the Washington State legislature would block all state support for NSA activities that violate the Fourth Amendment. This could include cutting off electricity and water to the NSA's surveillance center at Yakima from which the NSA spies on our phones and emails without any warrant or probable cause.

RootsAction: Cut Off the NSA's Juice
AP: NSA Listening Post in Yakima Is Secret No More

Let the bill's sponsors know they have supporters all over the country and beyond:

176-200 of 20130 signatures
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19955 4.6 years ago "ANGRY VOTER" ft mill, SC Nazi Germany all over again
19954 4.6 years ago Larry Baker Rapid City, SD It's time to replay 1776, and if necessary; use the same methods that they had to use, to get rid of the garbage in government. The simplest way, would be to try them all for "TREASON"; convict the...
19953 4.6 years ago Larua Ludwig Lincoln Park, MI you know full well that you do not like it when these insane sycophants invade your privacy, so it is not ok for you to accept that we are subjected to that terrorism either, stop the madness now, c...
19952 4.6 years ago Cathy Chauvin Wind, ON Stop Big Government, and Big Brother
19951 4.6 years ago Cathy Chauvin Wind, ON
19950 4.6 years ago FRANCIS ROBERTS Eugene, OR
19949 4.6 years ago Evans Pate Jr Detroit, MI
19948 4.6 years ago Anonymous IL They should all be jailed for what they are doing to the US.
19947 4.6 years ago Anonymous Vancouver, WA This is just one of many constitutional violations by our gigantic government over reaching its power. Return state rights and autonomy. End the illusion of safety to justify the strangle hold and r...
19946 4.6 years ago Anonymous NJ
19945 4.6 years ago Janis Todd Princeton Jct , NJ
19944 4.6 years ago John Thibodeau Elgin, OR
19943 4.6 years ago Anonymous Kent, WA
19942 4.6 years ago Donald Levering Santa Fe, NM
19941 4.6 years ago Dale Patterson Rockford, MI
19940 4.6 years ago scott mullen plymouth, MA
19939 4.6 years ago Margaret S. Maurin Bryn Mawr, PA
19938 4.6 years ago Pamela Landy Steamboat Springs, CO
19937 4.6 years ago Anonymous Boulder, CO NSA is one more form of government tyranny, intended to crush dissent and democracy.
19936 4.6 years ago Bettyann Larson Albuquerque, NM It galls me to have to fight our own government who is violating our constitution and privacy with this complexe..hit NASA where it hurts
19935 4.6 years ago Carol Wiley Victorville, CA
19934 4.6 years ago Million Gamer1688 ON
19933 4.6 years ago Stefan Merten Frankfurt a.M.,
19932 4.6 years ago sovereign integral I don't consent to any violation to my privacy!
19931 4.6 years ago Eldon Grossman Chicago, IL
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