Amazon: Don't give customer info to the CIA

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. And the company has signed a $600 million contract to provide “cloud computing” services to the Central Intelligence Agency.

“We look forward to a successful relationship with the CIA,” Amazon says.
Bloomberg News: Amazon Wins Ruling for $600 Million CIA Cloud Contract
Washington Post: What Jeff Bezos Has to Say About Amazon’s CIA Contract
InformationWeek: Amazon Again Beats IBM for CIA Cloud Contract
Norman Solomon: If Obama Orders CIA to Kill, Amazon Will Be Partner

Amazon now averages 162 million unique visitors to its sites every month. The firm’s business model depends on accumulating and analyzing huge quantities of personal data. Meanwhile, the CIA depends on gathering and analyzing data to serve U.S. military interventions overseas.

During the last dozen years, the CIA has conducted ongoing drone strikes and covert lethal missions in many countries. Meanwhile, U.S. agencies like the CIA and NSA have flattened many previous obstacles to Big Brother behavior.

The circumstances are ominous. Amazon is now providing a huge computing cloud for the CIA’s secrets -- a digital place where data for mass surveillance and perpetual war are converging.

Please sign the petition below to challenge the Amazon-CIA partnership.

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34251 4.3 years ago Benjamín Alberto Reyes Loa Guadalupe, ot , MX
34250 4.3 years ago Derrick B. Apahce Jct, AZ , US Dang.. I enjoyed amazons server too.. o well.
34249 4.3 years ago Frances Hoenigswald Philadelphia, PA , US
34248 4.4 years ago Julie Austin Los Angeles, CA , US
34247 4.4 years ago Anonymous Cleveland, OH , US
34246 4.4 years ago Damien McLeod Key Largo, FL , US
34245 4.4 years ago Anonymous Cleveland, OH , US
34244 4.4 years ago E B S, WA , US
34243 4.4 years ago Frances Hoenigswald Philadelphia, PA , US
34242 4.4 years ago E B S, WA , US Those who would sacrifice liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither!
34241 4.4 years ago Chrisandra Coram Brisbane, ot , AU
34240 4.4 years ago Stefan Kozinski Wilmington, DE , US
34239 4.4 years ago William Sample Township of Washington, NJ , US
34238 4.4 years ago Carl Cundy Custer, SD , US
34237 4.4 years ago Pat Shelton Jacksonville, FL , US
34236 4.4 years ago Pat Shelton Jacksonville, FL , US
34235 4.4 years ago Ken Gale NYC, NY , US Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's moral or ethical.
34234 4.4 years ago julie claunch
34233 4.4 years ago Greg Brown MN , US Amazing what some people will do for money at the expense of Freedom. Goodbye Amazon, it was nice using your services while it lasted.
34232 4.4 years ago Anonymous Don't make me leave amazon. I'm a prime member and have been for some time and this is going to far.
34231 4.4 years ago Rebecca Farmer Berkeley, CA , US
34230 4.4 years ago OLIVIA DE JAVELINA TUCSON, AZ , US you won't be getting anything for the cia from me. i boycott amazon
34229 4.4 years ago OLIVIA DE JAVELINA TUCSON, AZ , US i am boycotting amazon because of labor issues. i won't support wage slavery and health hazard for employees you will not provide insurance for. obviously your obscene bottom line is all important...
34228 4.4 years ago Sharon Wood Greeley, CO , US
34227 4.5 years ago Anonymous Santa Monica, CA , US
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