Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall of Hypocrisy on International Law

President Obama has denounced Russia for a “breach of international law” with its military intervention in the Crimea.

The Russian intervention deserves criticism. But let’s be clear.
The message from the White House is: Do as we say, not as we do.
Tribune:  European Parliament Condemns Drone Strikes
Reprieve:  Investigation of Drones
Robert Parry:  America’s Staggering Hypocrisy
Katrina vanden Heuvel:  Ukraine Crisis Calls for Less Bluster
Norman Solomon:  Heard the One About Obama Denouncing a Breach?

The U.S. government routinely violates international law with drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and other countries. Human-rights groups like Reprieve have documented many of those violations in recent reports, and the European Parliament has just condemned the practice as illegal -- but the USA’s missile attacks continue.

To urge a single standard of adherence to international law, please sign this petition:

President Obama, your condemnation of Russia for a “breach of international law” rings hollow while your administration continues to violate international law with drone strikes and other missile attacks across borders. I urge you to end those U.S. violations of international law and move toward a new era of genuine adherence to international law.

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20136 4.6 years ago Jean-Paul Bergeron Greensboro, NC , US
20135 4.6 years ago Carlye Hooten Kamuela, HI , US For decades the United States has had the awful reputation of being a "do as we say, not as we do" country. It's time that we stayed within the same boundaries that we expect everyone else to mind!
20134 4.6 years ago Donna Selquist Port St. Lucie, FL , US
20133 4.6 years ago Carlye Hooten Kamuela, HI , US
20132 4.6 years ago Anonymous Cleveland, OH , US
20131 4.6 years ago J. Ramsey MO , US
20130 4.6 years ago Laura Webb Lexington, KY , US
20129 4.6 years ago Laura Webb Lexington, KY , US
20128 4.6 years ago Rolando Yanez 33014, FL , US Resist the cries for war from armchair chickenhawks, discredited neocons, and bigoted Russophobes.
20127 4.6 years ago Anonymous Saint Petersburg, FL , US
20126 4.6 years ago Laura Webb Lexington, KY , US
20125 4.6 years ago Anonymous medford, MA , US
20124 4.6 years ago Eleana Stathopoulou London, ot , GB
20123 4.6 years ago Anonymous Lisboa, ot , PT
20122 4.6 years ago Katherine Prince Beverly, MA , US
20121 4.6 years ago Stephen Oviatt Sun Valley, NV , US Israel is also defient to international law as well. I want all forien aide going to israel stopped . Untill they are willing to stop spying on us, remove all their illegal settlements,quit all thei...
20120 4.6 years ago Karina Oleynikov Van nuys , CA , US
20119 4.6 years ago Jan Foster Miiller Crestone, CO , US
20118 4.6 years ago wanda quinones sunnyside, NY , US
20117 4.6 years ago Erin Gentry Cleburne, TX , US
20116 4.6 years ago Erin Gentry Cleburne, TX , US
20115 4.6 years ago Anonymous
20114 4.6 years ago charlie burns norwalk, CT , US
20113 4.6 years ago simon richie GB Congratulations on disappointing pretty much the whole planet. "Breach of international law" is a hilarious phrase coming from one of the most bellicose leaders your country has had the misfortune t...
20112 4.6 years ago Colin Hart Purcell, OK , US Can you imagine being a dirt poor man, woman, child, elderly living daily with the knowledge that Big Brother is watching via his drones and you may only have second, minutes, or hours to live.
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