Move the Money Out of the Military

Set aside for a moment whether the U.S. government has too much or too little money. It's spending the money it has destructively.

Fifty-seven percent of discretionary spending going into the military is too much. Tell Congress and the president to move the money:

Mattea Kramer: Is the Pentagon Doomed -- To Be Flush Forever

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U.S. military spending -- across several government departments -- is wildly out of control, amounting to roughly half of federal discretionary spending and half of global military spending. The sequester agreement makes a small reduction in military spending.

We urge you to keep military spending to the sequester level or lower without allowing extra funds to be hidden in war budgets or anywhere else, to plan for further reductions, to create a commission to oversee the retraining and retooling required for a smooth transition from war industries to peaceful industries, and to invest the additional savings in human and environmental needs at home and abroad.

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    27685 4.5 years ago Michael Hedgecock Midway City, CA , US
    27684 4.5 years ago Elsa C Palmdale, CA , US
    27683 4.5 years ago Marc Silverman Los Angeles, CA , US
    27682 4.5 years ago margie dietrich Los angeles, CA , US
    27681 4.5 years ago Steven S. Harvey Lancaster, CA , US
    27680 4.5 years ago Leigh Clark Granada Hills, CA , US War is a crime. Its abolition is long overdue.
    27679 4.5 years ago Ariel Nahmias Los Angeles, CA , US
    27678 4.5 years ago Hilda Bolden Marina del Rey, CA , US
    27677 4.5 years ago Ann Holland Altadena, CA , US
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    27671 4.5 years ago Edward Costello Santa Monica, CA , US
    27670 4.5 years ago Abbie Bates Los Angeles, CA , US
    27669 4.5 years ago Mark Tringali NPB, CA , US Jobs not bombs. Re-tool military manufacturing to clean energy. How simple is that.
    27668 4.5 years ago Sandra Weaver San Clemente, CA , US It is time to let go of old outdated and ineffective means of solving International conflicts. War has never work and never will. We can never kill all of our so called enemies. We can negotiate ...
    27667 4.5 years ago Christopher Fite
    27666 4.5 years ago Anonymous L.A., CA , US
    27665 4.5 years ago William Schoene Santa Monica, CA , US Our overpowering military with nothing for it to do ... and yet we have an anemic economic recovery with a crumbling infrastructure, draconian cuts to education, food stamps, housing assistance, etc...
    27664 4.5 years ago Margot Paige Woodland Hills, CA , US
    27663 4.5 years ago Leslie Aisenman Sylmat , CA , US
    27662 4.5 years ago Roidina Salisbury Laguna Woods, CA , US
    27661 4.5 years ago Robert Hicks Long Beach, CA , US
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