Hold the Hypocrisy!

We'd like to be able to applaud the U.S. State Department for condemning the Egyptian government's decision to murder over 500 people, without having to choke on the fact that the U.S. government has been killing thousands of people with drones, many of them civilians -- not to mention giving massive supplies of weapons to the abusive Egyptian government that it is condemning.

We'd love it if we could cheer for the U.S. government's denunciations of Russian belligerence in Ukraine, without the oppressive weight of the string of illegal U.S. wars stretching from Afghanistan through Iraq to Libya and the drone wars in Yemen and Pakistan, not to mention the NATO expansion and State Department interference in Ukraine that has escalated tensions.

Join the anti-hypocrisy movement now.

And if you know of examples of extreme hypocrisy, enter them below.

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10398 4.5 years ago Jayne Martin Cathedral City , CA , US
10397 4.5 years ago John Czerwonka Chattanooga, TN , US
10396 4.5 years ago Rachel Retzlaff Clayton, MO , US
10395 4.5 years ago DARRELL LEGGE QC , CA Canada, U.S. Europe attitudes towards anywhere and the carte blanche given israel.
10394 4.5 years ago ps mckeehan spring, TX , US
10393 4.5 years ago Dawn Laughlin Canon City, CO , US
10392 4.5 years ago Sue Jackson Sydney, ot , AU
10391 4.5 years ago Mary Bell Sharon, PA , US
10390 4.5 years ago Larry Andrews Vancouver, BC , CA
10389 4.5 years ago Mary Steele Albuquerque, NM , US
10388 4.5 years ago chris autry north hollywood, CA , US Besides your excellent examples, let's close Guantanamo and follow due process, and stop interrogations using extraordinary rendition and torture. Also, join the ICC.
10387 4.5 years ago Kathleen Murphy Newcastle, WA , US
10386 4.5 years ago Judy Hopkins SANTA MONICA, CA , US
10385 4.5 years ago Josh Moscoso Fayetteville, AR , US
10384 4.5 years ago Enas Awad Hamilton, ON , CA
10383 4.5 years ago Richard Benson Lawndale, CA , US
10382 4.5 years ago s Lehrke La Crosse, WI , US
10381 4.5 years ago margaret hashmi Bellingham, WA , US
10380 4.5 years ago Mike M San Francisco, CA , US
10379 4.5 years ago Alice Hall Corvallis, OR , US
10378 4.5 years ago Paxton Robinson Winter Park, FL , US
10377 4.5 years ago CAROLL FOWLER Hayward, CA , US
10376 4.5 years ago John Anderson Cooroy, ot , AU Drones,Drones,Drones,Drones,Drones,Drones,Drones,Drones,Drones,Drones,Drones, Drones,Drones,Drones, Drones, Drones, Drones, Drones, Drones, Drones,Drones, Drones, Drones, Drones, Drones, Drones, Dro...
10375 4.5 years ago Caryn Brock Washington, DC , US
10374 4.5 years ago David Kronheim Upper Darby, PA , US
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