Urge Laborers' Union to End Support for Tar Sands Pipeline

Please sign the following petition to the Laborers' International Union of North America:
The Hill: Union Threatens Retribution for House Dems Opposing Keystone
Michael Mann: Approving Keystone XL Could Be the Biggest Mistake
The Nation: Could Working on Keystone XL Give You Cancer, Asthma?
Bill Shortell: Labor Unions Must Take on Conversion from War to Peace Economy

We, the undersigned, call upon the Laborers' International Union of North America to pull back from supporting the Keystone Pipeline. We support the right to organize and hope to bring back the now-forsaken Employee Free Choice Act. We applaud your stand for immigrants' rights. We support your promotion of infrastructure spending, and we supported the efforts of unions in Connecticut who successfully created a state commission last year to advance conversion from military to peaceful industries.

While we are in strong agreement with your union in the need to challenge the Democratic Party, we must take issue with your support of a project that will contribute dramatically to global warming. Your willingness to oppose elected officials who fail you demonstrates the independence that all organizations need.

But there's a problem. You're demanding that Congress members support a tar sands pipeline that will exacerbate the climate crisis. While workers need the economic justice for which your union organizes, they also need a healthy environment for themselves and their children and grandchildren. We run the risk of pushing the climate of planet Earth over the edge and we need the support of your union in moving us away from the precipice.

We are in unity with you on the need for jobs. In fact, we wish to join hands with LIUNA and other unions in a movement for green jobs. There is much that has to be done in this country that can contribute to a better and safer environment. The infrastructure needs to be rebuilt and new industries need to be introduced. We wish to be there with you in that struggle. But we need you to join with the millions who see the danger, if not potential catastrophe, inherent in tar sands pipelines.

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18934 4.6 years ago Bill Clark Louisville, KY , US
18933 4.6 years ago Guillaume Weber Québec, QC , CA
18932 4.6 years ago Maria Galicia Oakland, CA , US
18931 4.6 years ago Carla Haim San Bernardino, CA , US
18930 4.6 years ago Anonymous New City, NY , US
18929 4.6 years ago Michael Dohn Nashville, TN , US
18928 4.6 years ago Mike M San Francisco, CA , US
18927 4.6 years ago Theresa Ruby Rochester Hills , MI , US
18926 4.6 years ago Lynne Pateman Los Angeles, CA , US
18925 4.6 years ago Marjorie McNae McNae Oak Harbor , WA , US
18924 4.6 years ago Joanne McGrath Sylva, NC , US
18923 4.6 years ago Susan Harman Oakland, CA , US
18922 4.6 years ago Dobrinka Nenkova Svoge, ot , BG
18921 4.6 years ago Maria Natália Veloso da Veiga Go Nogal Lisboa, ot , PT
18920 4.6 years ago Jacob Nolan Willcox, AZ , US
18919 4.6 years ago Warren Parks Mariposa, CA , US
18918 4.6 years ago Tina Brenza Goleta, CA , US
18917 4.6 years ago Anonymous Chesterfield, MI , US
18916 4.6 years ago Lessye DeMoss Tuscaloosa, AL , US
18915 4.6 years ago Helen Greer Tucson, AZ , US
18914 4.6 years ago wendy dannett new york, NY , US
18913 4.6 years ago Davd Brown Huntsville, AL , US
18912 4.6 years ago Priscilla Bradley Blodgett, OR , US
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