Undo Institutional Racism

Rarely do news media acknowledge that institutional racism is vast and terribly destructive in the United States.

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LA Times: NBA Players, City Leaders Cheer Sanctions Against Donald Sterling
Jesse Jackson: Sterling Embarrassing, But Real Threat Supreme Court, Congress
IASP: The Roots of the Widening Racial Wealth Gap
Woodstock Institute: Racial Disparities in FHA/VA Lending
Harvard Political Review: Drug Sentencing -- Inefficient, Unfair, and Racially Discriminatory

While we denounce bigoted words and individual racism, we must also challenge the powerful institutions that re-enforce racism on a huge scale.

Institutional racism is inherent in realities like these:

*  Blacks and Latinos, on average, have one-sixth the wealth of whites in the United States, with all the accompanying disadvantages that are increasingly concentrated in increasingly segregated neighborhoods.

*  Racial minorities don't use illegal drugs at higher rates than whites, but face much higher rates of arrest, conviction, and incarceration.

*  People of color gain admission to college at lower rates, have less access to affordable loans, are under greater assault by predatory lenders, have less access to healthcare, and face higher barriers to voting.

We must be committed to rooting out institutional racism.

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9813 4.6 years ago Jo Anne Hall San Rafael, CA Racism that flourished in secret before the election of President Barack Obama is now openly practiced. Perhaps it's a good thing, so it can be firmly challenged & eliminated everywhere in our count...
9812 4.6 years ago Carolyn Roeder Catonsville, MD
9811 4.6 years ago Jackie Posey Town Creek, AL
9810 4.6 years ago Joseph Maurer Detroit, MI
9809 4.6 years ago Mohammad Shad Cary, NC
9808 4.6 years ago Angela Hibbard Detroit, MI If white Americans would sit still and listen to the real stories of real Black American heroes, they'd discover their pre-judgements melting away.
9807 4.6 years ago Mitchell Alexander Overland Park, KS
9806 4.6 years ago Joan Pricoli Riverview, MI
9805 4.6 years ago Anita-Joyce Barnes Detroit, MI
9804 4.6 years ago Martha Cooney Detroit, MI
9803 4.6 years ago Thomas Campbell Littleton, NH All forms of racism are wrong and ned tobe eliminated.
9802 4.6 years ago Charlie Sears Berkley, MI Racism is at the core of our nation, since its founding. To be blind to it simply perpetuates the divide and multiplies the injustice.
9801 4.6 years ago Nancy Berger Midlothian, VA
9800 4.6 years ago Katie Karlson Phoenix, AZ
9799 4.6 years ago Sheena Jacob silver spring, MD
9798 4.6 years ago Karen Pierce Springfield, MO
9797 4.6 years ago Lanse Davis Newtown , VA
9796 4.6 years ago Rick Faiella Sun City West, AZ
9795 4.6 years ago paul runion ben lomond, CA
9794 4.6 years ago Marie Weis Fox Island, WA
9793 4.6 years ago Samuel Inabinet Virginia Beach, VA Your actions and inactions have been, are being and will be remembered by all of us who will live in the world that you are shaping with your decisions right now. We are all in this together.
9792 4.6 years ago linda ruff Evansville, IN
9791 4.6 years ago Kathryn Flueck Golden, CO
9790 4.6 years ago Marilyn Kennedy Minneapolis, MN
9789 4.6 years ago V Richey Detroit, MI
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