Mass Starvation in Yemen: Ending It Requires Admitting Who's Causing It

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The mass starvation underway in Yemen must be immediately addressed by ending the bombings, missile strikes, and raids; holding those responsible to account; restoring the Central Bank of Yemen to Yemeni control; opening Yemeni ports; and providing food and medical aid on the scale required.

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14913 11 months ago Christopher Levenson Vancouver, BC
14912 11 months ago Raymond Macnamara London, ot The hypocrisy of some western governments is staggering!
14911 11 months ago Rachel Whitman Los Angeles, CA
14910 11 months ago Warren McCroskey Fort Wayne, IN This is horrible, and we don't even hear about it here in Indiana! We need to help!!
14909 11 months ago Russell Raney Salem, OR
14908 11 months ago BART gOWER DETROIT, MI What will we do for Saudi Arabia?
14907 11 months ago Robert Holt Truro, MA
14906 11 months ago Mark Rolofson Boulder, CO The United States should end its alliance with the brutal dictatorship of Saudi Arabia & stop selling them weapons. They are the worst country in the Middle East & they are close US allies. They a...
14905 11 months ago John Steven Livacich Redlands, CA That an US ally -- using US equipment and munitions -- can cause such a widespread tragic crisis, is a national shame for the United States.
14904 11 months ago pat westwater-jong Bolton, MA Send the photo to President Trump and all members of Congress, maybe they'll find enough compassion to stop the bombing and siege.
14903 11 months ago Dale Hannahs BARNESVILLE, OH
14902 11 months ago Gary Lee Signal Hill, CA Yemeni Holodomor.
Do you really want to be a part of this?
14901 11 months ago Gary Lee Signal Hill, CA
14900 11 months ago Suzanne Snyder Barrie, ON
14899 11 months ago Stephen Snyder Roxbury, MA
14898 11 months ago Gilly Burlingham Portland, OR
14897 11 months ago James Fairley Berkeley, CA We can't do anything right in the Middle East. We should get out and leave lots of food behind.
14896 11 months ago Rhonda D. Wright, MD Atlanta, GA
14895 11 months ago Anonymous WASHINGTON, DC
14894 11 months ago Ashley Decker Margate, FL
14893 11 months ago Catherine Rodriguez Venice, FL
14892 11 months ago Sharon Aldrich Arbor Vitae, WI
14891 11 months ago Kathy Kelly Chicago, IL
14890 11 months ago Edward D.Juillard Chicago, IL
14889 11 months ago Barbara Macek NYC, NY
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> Gareth Porter, Truthout: The U.S. Provided Cover for the Saudi Starvation Strategy in Yemen