Mass Starvation in Yemen: Ending It Requires Admitting Who's Causing It

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The mass starvation underway in Yemen must be immediately addressed by ending the bombings, missile strikes, and raids; holding those responsible to account; restoring the Central Bank of Yemen to Yemeni control; opening Yemeni ports; and providing food and medical aid on the scale required.

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14871 1 year ago Peter Holcomb Bellingham, WA
14870 1 year ago Robert Engelmann Melliville, NY
14869 1 year ago Anonymous BC
14868 1 year ago Mary Sue Meads Oakland, CA The picture of that poor child is shocking. Is our country's love of war, oil and domination part of (or the only) the cause? Horrible. I hope the U.N. is able to assist (WHO?) in ...
14867 1 year ago Anonymous Vero Beach, FL Isis - sunni
Al Queda - sunni
911 Terrorist - sunni
Saudi Arabia - sunni
Wake up America!!!
Who is the real enemy - the sunni or the shia?
14866 1 year ago J. V. Nazareth, KY Our sisters and brothers must be heard, especially the children.
14865 1 year ago nancy Flynn Pawtucket, RI The US must stop arming Saudi Arabia
14864 1 year ago Alec Brewster Sandoval, IL
14863 1 year ago Tanya Stewart Berea, KY
14862 1 year ago Charles Carruthers Santa Fe, NM
14861 1 year ago Thomas van de Steeg Saint Petersburg, FL
14860 1 year ago Charles Ashmore Los Angeles, CA
14859 1 year ago Dan Campion Marble, NC
14858 1 year ago Jane Hood Jemez Pueblo, NM Stop starving children.
14857 1 year ago Clara Bargellini Oakland, CA
14856 1 year ago Michele Sterling South Lake Tahoe, CA
14855 1 year ago Anonymous Dallas, TX
14854 1 year ago Maria Minno Gainesville, FL
14853 1 year ago Anonymous Ft. Myers, FL WHY are we doing this? Killing civilians is not helping us win in the Mid-East.
14852 1 year ago Margie Borchers Santa Barbara, CA
14851 1 year ago Anonymous Earlham, IA
14850 1 year ago Alys Kennedy Bellingham, WA It is unconscionable that humans are being forced into starvation mode when there is more than sufficient food for all on this planet. Stop this insanity!
14849 1 year ago Anonymous ot Please, let us show the world, that in 2017, it's possible for a human to be humane.
This should not be happening. War solves no problems, it only creates more.
14848 1 year ago James Hartley Arlington, VA This is a situation that calls for compassion, not more killing, in my view.
14847 1 year ago Wendy Chmielewski LANSDOWNE, PA
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> Gareth Porter, Truthout: The U.S. Provided Cover for the Saudi Starvation Strategy in Yemen