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We call on you to help our country turn away from what Martin Luther King Jr. called “the madness of militarism.” As a vital step, we urge you to enact legislation to block the use of any U.S. taxpayer funds for continuing warfare, directly or by proxy, in Syria. We further implore you to strive for better relations with Russia instead of fueling the current conflicts that could lead to nuclear annihilation of us all. While defunding endless and disastrous wars as well as cutting wasteful military expenditures, you can provide funds for urgent human and environmental needs.

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22092 1 year ago sarah stevens
22091 1 year ago Anonymous
22090 1 year ago John Robertson
22089 1 year ago s cook
22088 1 year ago April Parker The US is causing utter destruction in Syria and has been provoking Russia. This is dangerous and we need to stop allowing them to commit war crimes and cash in on death.
22087 1 year ago Jacquelyn Hoag Supporting peace since 60's
22086 1 year ago Barbara Gilday
22085 1 year ago Sharon Abreu I've been working to stop these irresponsible, illegal and immoral wars incited by our country since the drumbeats for war started after Sept. 11, 2001. There is no way to make up for all the destru...
22084 1 year ago Jacqui Lipschitz
22083 1 year ago Anonymous
22082 1 year ago M Goddard War is not the way to peace.
22081 1 year ago Anonymous
22080 1 year ago Carolyn Vigneri Wars have become the vehicle for mass murder of civilians. Redirecting war efforts toward peace and reconstruction is sound
22079 1 year ago Carlos Echevarria
22078 1 year ago Catherine Loudis
22077 1 year ago Teresa Kohl
22076 1 year ago Linda Maino
22075 1 year ago R Gomez
22074 1 year ago Anonymous
22073 1 year ago Robyn Sanders we have this right, monies are desperately needed for our infrastructure now.
22072 1 year ago roger strobel
22071 1 year ago helene dolly Absolutely I do agree.
22070 1 year ago s cook
22069 1 year ago Janice Gipson Russia as a nuclear power, but also North Korea, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iran via diplomacy not war.
22068 1 year ago Marilyn Booton The U.S. has it's hands, shoulder deep, in the dirty money of war. It drains our country of funds needed for our people to led better lives. The big open secret is that war funding steals money fro...
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> Speech by Martin Luther King Jr. at Western Michigan University (Dec 18th, 1963).