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We call on you to help our country turn away from what Martin Luther King Jr. called “the madness of militarism.” As a vital step, we urge you to enact legislation to block the use of any U.S. taxpayer funds for continuing warfare, directly or by proxy, in Syria. We further implore you to strive for better relations with Russia instead of fueling the current conflicts that could lead to nuclear annihilation of us all. While defunding endless and disastrous wars as well as cutting wasteful military expenditures, you can provide funds for urgent human and environmental needs.

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21991 1 year ago rusty dixon
21990 1 year ago Lynn Kelley
21989 1 year ago nancy matthews War is a racket...stop the madness
21988 1 year ago Sister Gladys Schmitz I agree completely with this petition. Congress needs to act decisively to make this a reality.
21987 1 year ago Alan Young War kills peace.
21986 1 year ago Ronnie Rouse
21985 1 year ago Kelly Pruitt Bush's ignorance started us down a 15 year path if war w no end in sight. trumps insatiable need for hate-mongering will continue this senselessness. NO MORE !
21984 1 year ago Linda Schultz
21983 1 year ago John Wilks
21982 1 year ago Debby and John Hanrahan
21981 1 year ago Cynthia Howard
21980 1 year ago Kenneth Huang
21979 1 year ago Kathryn Christian The military madness that the Pentagon is hellbent upon must end now!
21978 1 year ago Anonymous The Pentagon is completely out of control. The CIA is untouchable.
We're a society dumping most of our resources into never-ending war, and the backlash is only starting.
We did not agree to...
21977 1 year ago Katherine Schock
21976 1 year ago r k
21975 1 year ago Susan Hathaway The foreign policy of endless war benefits only the war profiteers (the current euphemism is "defense contractors," a pathetic joke). The U.S. government needs to start putting real people ...
21974 1 year ago Glenn Galitz Constantly funding war and war profiteers not only decimates public spending on the public common good, such as education, it also creates the need to use those weapons which further destabilizes pe...
21973 1 year ago Anonymous
21972 1 year ago CHRISTINE Harvey
21971 1 year ago Donald Arant
21970 1 year ago dale Heinritz
21969 1 year ago Mercedita del Valle
21968 1 year ago Michele Wojnar
21967 1 year ago Naomi Zuckerman The vast majority of Americans do NOT want these endless invasions of other countries. We would prefer our money be spent to improve the quality of the lives of the majority and the health of our ...
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> Speech by Martin Luther King Jr. at Western Michigan University (Dec 18th, 1963).