Thank Cian Westmoreland for Being a Whistleblower on Drones

Please sign below and add your comments to thank Cian for his dedication to blowing the whistle on U.S. killer drones.

Let's show our appreciation!

Thank you for speaking out against weaponized drones!

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1619 10 months ago Jerzy Gruca Thank you. You are a brave true man standing against cowards.
Real American Hero! Be blessed.
1618 10 months ago Gail McDonough
1617 10 months ago Carole Dyer Thank you for your courage. I have no idea how hard your decision must have been.
1616 10 months ago Catherine Loudis
1615 10 months ago olivia jackson
1614 10 months ago Inga Jaeger
1613 10 months ago Dalia Dalili
1612 10 months ago Don Durivan Bravo Cian!
This country is in dire need of more like you, whistleblowers who can speak firsthand about some of our grossly indiscriminate killings. That is the first step, isn't it - exposure ...
1611 10 months ago Lucia Hall Drones are both barbaric and horrible, and will always cause more problems than they solve. Thank you for your courage and genuine patriotism!
1610 10 months ago Ken Ashworth Truth and transparency from our government are important hallmarks of a healthy democracy. We are tragically off course and it's critical to have patriots such as Cian that help maintain this critic...
1609 10 months ago carol scott Thanks for your courage and commitment in protest of weaponized
drones. You're America's hero! I applaud you!
1608 10 months ago Linda Moorman
1607 10 months ago Sylvia Lotspeich Greene Thank you for your courage - hang in there!
1606 10 months ago Lindsay Knights Thanks for being so brave and courageous. Standing up for what is right is not always an easy thing to do, the world needs to know about things like this, how can we change
things if we are kep...
1605 10 months ago Joseph Mitchener I think I heard you speak at a seminar vs drones in Lake Tahoe. I was impressed.
1604 10 months ago Jeff Brady
1603 10 months ago Nancy Roberts-Moneir Thank you for speaking out!
1602 10 months ago Kristin Young
1601 10 months ago Audrey Shapiro You are awesome! I wish there were more like you in the (U.S.) military and around the world. Thank you for showing your courage and strength!
1600 10 months ago Andrea Doukas
1599 10 months ago Christa Kurvits Thank you so much. If it weren't for heroes like yourself we would be in the dark about these unethical practices.
1598 10 months ago Charles Trinka
1597 10 months ago Christian Heinold
1596 10 months ago Warren Forbes
1595 10 months ago Victor Ponce-Juarez Thank you for your courage, protecting civilian lives from wrong doing is an unmeasurable task and you are a courageous one!
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