Thank Cian Westmoreland for Being a Whistleblower on Drones

Please sign below and add your comments to thank Cian for his dedication to blowing the whistle on U.S. killer drones.

Let's show our appreciation!

Thank you for speaking out against weaponized drones!

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1574 7 months ago Sharon Torrisi You are courageous for speaking the truth. Thank you showing how an American should behave.
1573 7 months ago Elliot Halpern
1572 7 months ago Gary Zahler
1571 7 months ago Janet Wolfe
1570 7 months ago Susan Lee Thank you so much, Cian, for your bravery. Weaponized drones are bad enough in the "hands" of someone who is intelligent and of basically sound mind, but that is not even CLOSE to what the country ...
1569 7 months ago M. Doretta Cornell, RDC I thank you for your brave action in letting us know of the drone expansion. I am proud to support what you are doing and I hope you will continue to stand for what is right. Thank you!
1568 7 months ago Michael Carpenter
1567 7 months ago Eleanor Goekler, SMIC
1566 7 months ago Albert Lerner You are a special human beingFor your courage and conscience.
1565 7 months ago Shannon Markley
1564 7 months ago Robert Gill Keep up the good work, sir, educating people on the harm done by drones and not letting the matter drop, no matter the stakes. Thank you.
1563 7 months ago Roberta Shipp Thank you! Stay strong in knowing you have done the right and moral thing!
1562 7 months ago Letitia Minor
1561 7 months ago Michele Miller Thank you so much for your courage and your integrity. Our world will be a much better place because of you and what you've done and are doing.
1560 7 months ago Erika Parsons
1559 7 months ago Anonymous
1558 7 months ago Jane Mcevoy THANK YOU!
1557 7 months ago Claire Kirchhoff
1556 7 months ago Shirley Neidel
1555 7 months ago Steven Kern
1554 7 months ago Daniel Fuller Thank you for your courage.
1553 7 months ago Lana Jerome
1552 7 months ago Carolann Stevens Forever grateful for the Bravery and Courage, thank you!
1551 7 months ago Meredith Anderson
1550 7 months ago john lane
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