Tell Trump to Stop Threatening North Korea

Donald Trump claims he has no choice but to threaten North Korea with war.

Sign below to help educate him -- or at least the U.S. media and some of those around him.

Threatening to attack a nuclear-armed country is extremely reckless, as well as illegal, quite regardless of any flaws the country possesses.

North Korea has repeatedly offered to abandon its nuclear weapons program if the United States and South Korea would stop flying near North Korea practicing to bomb it.

North Korea has shown interest in developing a peace treaty with the South to finally end the Korean War.

North Korea adhered to an agreement to halt its nuclear weapons program right up until George W. Bush labeled it a member of an axis of evil and viciously attacked one of the other designated members, Iraq.

Peace is possible. We demand that the U.S. government stop pushing for war and work toward a peaceful solution.

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22526 11 months ago Dr. Charles May Novelty, OH , US
22525 11 months ago hunter aldrich cambridge, MA , US
22524 11 months ago Anonymous Lakeville, MN , US
22523 11 months ago Anonymous Lakeville, MN , US
22522 11 months ago Anonymous Lakeville, MN , US
22521 11 months ago Anonymous Lakeville, MN , US
22520 11 months ago Anonymous Lakeville, MN , US
22519 12 months ago Jacqui Lipschitz Rochester, NY , US
22518 12 months ago Valerie Face Santa Clara, CA , US
22517 12 months ago M Goddard Corona, CA , US War is not the way to peace. The instigating being done by Trump is a very real threat to millions of lives
22516 12 months ago Anonymous Richmond, TX , US
22515 12 months ago Teresa Kohl Manteno, IL , US
22514 12 months ago Peter Vaessen Veenendaal, MS , US
22513 12 months ago Wendi Myers Palm Harbor, FL , US
22512 12 months ago Wendi Myers Palm Harbor, FL , US
22511 12 months ago Anonymous Albuquerque, NM , US
22510 12 months ago David MacLean Springfield, VA , US
22509 12 months ago Martha Fait Glendale, AZ , US
22508 12 months ago James A. Everett Independence, MO , US Ignorant politicians, like Trump, always lean towards violence as a possibility when diplomacy is a much more safe and effective tool.
22507 12 months ago Carlos Cunha Jefferson City, MO , US
22506 12 months ago Jacqueline Cady Peoria, IL , US
22505 12 months ago donye sacco Los Angeles, CA , US
22504 12 months ago donye sacco Los Angeles, CA , US
22503 12 months ago Shaina Rivera Windsor, CT , US
22502 12 months ago Moira Mulholland Gabriola, B.C., BC , CA
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> Bruce Cumings, The Nation, "Korean War Games"
> Dave Chaddock: "This Must Be the Place: How the U.S. Waged Germ Warfare in the Korean War and Denied It Ever Since"
> John DeLury, The Washington Post: "Instead of threatening North Korea, Trump should try this"