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To the people of Russia:

We residents of the United States wish you, our brothers and sisters in Russia, nothing but well. We oppose the hostility and militarism of our government. We favor disarmament and peaceful cooperation. We desire greater friendship and cultural exchange between us. You should not believe everything you hear from the American corporate media. It is not a true representation of Americans. While we do not control any major media outlets, we are numerous. We oppose wars, sanctions, threats, and insults. We send you greetings of solidarity, trust, love, and hope for collaboration on building a better world safe from the dangers of nuclear, military, and environmental destruction.

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9321 7 months ago Tania Mousel belvaux, ME
9320 7 months ago ED CIACCIO DOUGLASTON, NY This whole Russophobia campaign is a Deep State plan for confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia, which the insane, deluded U.S. neocons believe will cause regime change in Russia, but can only end ...
9319 7 months ago Katherine Kiceniuk Santa Paula, CA
9318 7 months ago Joan Dixon Arcata, CA The People want Peace on Earth. Lets stand together!
9317 7 months ago Echo Mitchell MInneapolis, MN The earth is one country. National borders will go the way of city states, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, etc. Nation states are not realistic in our place in history. Right now the world is in reg...
9316 7 months ago Anonymous SUN VALLEY, CA Can't wait to go to Russia for FIFA World Cup 2017, enjoy watching RT AMERICA, Ameria Zetti Pasta is the best because its Non GMO. Russians and Americans have a lot in common, they don't want to be ...
9315 7 months ago William von Zangenberg Holiday, FL We are just like you and hate the thought of war. Let us work to build peace and help each other. The world already knows how to kill people. We do not need more of that.
9314 7 months ago Susan Johnston Red Lodge, MT We as a nation do not want war that will send our children & grandchildren into conflict with Russia & more Middle Eastern countries. We must strive for peace with Russia & nations around the world ...
9313 7 months ago Earl Rexrode Charlottesville, VA Much love, friendship and peace to each and every one in Russia!
9312 7 months ago Adri Suykerbuyk 9000 - Gent -, ot
9311 7 months ago Mahra Alqassimi ras al khaimah city, ot I strongly agree with you, I hope peace and love prevail throughout the world.
9310 7 months ago Melanie Bennett El Cajon, CA Hello wonderful people of Russia!
Lets not be tricked into hating each other like we have been in the past.
I am a World Citizen and World Citizens resolve problems without war.
Lots of ...
9309 7 months ago Mark Sheffield Northborough, MA Greetings from the US. Somehow, our leaders are getting us into a worse state with your leaders. It must mean more money for them, somehow. Fear not, though, I'll work hard to vote them all out o...
9308 7 months ago celeste birkeland Robbinsdale, MN
9307 7 months ago Sherry Rubinstein Arvada, CO
9306 7 months ago BrendaLee Lennick Tallahassee, FL My roots are from Russia and I stand in solidarity with you in friendship and peace! Although it wouldn't matter where I came from or lived, love and peace are the most important thing to me, especi...
9305 7 months ago Phil Seymour Redding, CA
9304 7 months ago CHRISTOPHER VICHIOLA Danbury, CT
9303 7 months ago Matthew Anderson Las Vegas, NV
9302 7 months ago Andrea Anderson Aurora, CO
9301 7 months ago Greg Grosser Olathe, KS
9300 7 months ago Jerilyn Tabor NYC, NY
9299 7 months ago Joel Johnson Santa Cruz, CA
9298 7 months ago Kimberly Wiley Rochester, NY
9297 7 months ago James Masi San Francisco, CA
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