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To the people of Russia:

We residents of the United States wish you, our brothers and sisters in Russia, nothing but well. We oppose the hostility and militarism of our government. We favor disarmament and peaceful cooperation. We desire greater friendship and cultural exchange between us. You should not believe everything you hear from the American corporate media. It is not a true representation of Americans. While we do not control any major media outlets, we are numerous. We oppose wars, sanctions, threats, and insults. We send you greetings of solidarity, trust, love, and hope for collaboration on building a better world safe from the dangers of nuclear, military, and environmental destruction.

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9296 7 months ago Bob Brown New York, NY We owe you an apology, though most of us are ignorant. We allowed the training and financing of the Trotsky terrorists who overthrew your Christian Czar. Even earlier, we allowed the financing and a...
9295 7 months ago Mika Stonehawk Tustin, CA
9294 7 months ago James` Tuck Fresno, CA Greetings of Peace Brothers and Sisters!
9293 7 months ago Randall Craig Mill City, OR
9292 7 months ago Samantha Turetsky Ormond Beach, FL
9291 7 months ago Jorge Aguilar Cypress, TX
9290 7 months ago Mark Wirth Seattle, WA
9289 7 months ago Mandy Daniel Winston Salem, NC
9288 7 months ago Joseph Rogozinski Oxford, WI
9287 7 months ago maria gritsch los angeles, CA
9286 7 months ago Rebecca Augustin Somerton, AZ
9285 7 months ago Stephanie Asplund Layton, UT
9284 7 months ago Susan Gill San Anselmo , CA
9283 7 months ago JoAnn Darrow MIDDLETOWN, PA
9282 7 months ago Cheryl Woerner Essex, MD
9281 7 months ago Anonymous Modesto, CA
9280 7 months ago kamal selmassi bridgend, ot we've had more than enough of perpetuating Russia-it used to be the USSR;therefore ,nothing had changed!!!- as the bogey.
9279 7 months ago Deborah Cate Philadelphia, PA The plutocratic oligarchy are the ones ginning up war so that the gravy train of war profiteering and oil pipelines may continue unimpeded. After all, Big Oil doesn't like it when other countries co...
9278 7 months ago Fred Mumm Lancaster, WI We want a sustainable future for all...
9277 7 months ago Kathryn Albrecht San Antonio, NM We have never been enemies.
We are NOT enemies now.
I apologize for the arrogance and ignorance in the U.S,
brought on by the disingenuous corporate press
serving only capitalist emp...
9276 7 months ago THERESA OWENS NAPA, CA
9275 7 months ago Daniel Gilman Seattle, WA
9274 7 months ago Mary Wynne Nederland, CO
9273 7 months ago John Abbott Kalamazoo, MI
9272 7 months ago Tony Santiago Bronx, New York, NY
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