Brad Pitt and Walter Jones: Right on Afghanistan

Brad Pitt stars in a new movie called War Machine that presents the ongoing U.S. war in Afghanistan as something only a fool would ever imagine could be won. This new Hollywood film presents the U.S. military as hopelessly unconcerned with reality and destined never to choose to end a war that creates enemies in the name of "freedom."

There is, however, another institution capable of ending the war: Congress. Congressman Walter Jones (Rep., N.C.) has just proposed a not-completely novel idea: Congress should cut off the funding for any more U.S. war-making in Afghanistan.

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We urge you to cut off the funding, not just for any escalation, but also for any continuation of U.S. war-making in Afghanistan. The time has come to say enough is enough. In fact, spending $800 billion largely on killing people in Afghanistan, generating enemies and causing environmental destruction while eroding our civil liberties and rationalizing government secrecy is more than enough. It is time to cut off the flow of cash.

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11284 1 year ago Kathleen Krouse Summerville , PA
11283 1 year ago Angela Callis Newport News , VA
11282 1 year ago Patricia Popple Chippewa Fallss, WI
11281 1 year ago Beth Renwick Baltimore , MD
11280 1 year ago Roland Creswell Fort Worth, TX
11279 1 year ago Joan DeYoung Byron Center, MI
11278 1 year ago Becky Andrews Baton Rouge, LA
11277 1 year ago Cody Goin Conway, MO
11276 1 year ago Gary Grice Chicago, IL
11275 1 year ago Shannon Wyss Hyattsville, MD
11274 1 year ago Robert Gabriel Olympia, WA
11273 1 year ago Candace Goldman Berkeley, CA We need to reassess all our military engagements around the world, from both a policy and strategic view. We also need to keep better track of how our funds are spent so we end the fraud and waste ...
11272 1 year ago Bruce Rosen New York, NY
11271 1 year ago sean rule Littlestown, PA
11270 1 year ago Ann Morahan Westerville, OH
11269 1 year ago Joe Landwehr Mountain View, MO Instead of cutting human services, funding for the arts, environmental protection, and everything that is good about the government, STOP FUNDING wasteful wars that undermine our democracy, fuel hat...
11268 1 year ago Anonymous Livingston, NJ
11267 1 year ago Dagmar Schulte 53859 Ndk.-Mondorf, ot
11266 1 year ago Sarah Chamberlain Henderson, CO
11265 1 year ago WINSTON HUANG West Des Moines, IA
11264 1 year ago Sydney Pitcher Lemon Grove , CA
11263 1 year ago Christine Stanfield New York, NY Please pick up your lethal weapons and go home.
11262 1 year ago Anonymous Modesto, CA
11261 1 year ago Daniel Cavanaugh Belleville, MI
11260 1 year ago Steve Halter Van Nuys, CA
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