Don't Let Trump Persecute Accused Leaker

A vengeful federal government – cheered on by Fox News and other media – seems intent on making an example of 25-year-old NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner, now behind bars without bail.

Whatever you think of the document she's been accused of leaking or the action taken by whoever leaked it, we ought to agree that Reality Leigh Winner should not be subjected to a witch hunt or persecution.

We insist that the U.S. government afford Ms. Winner all her legal rights, including the right to bail.

More background on Reality Leigh Winner here.

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12968 9 months ago Hannah Perkins Wichita, KS
12967 9 months ago Pauline Stoiber Ebendorf, ot
12966 9 months ago Sheila Mandell Fort Lauderdale , FL
12965 9 months ago Joe Landwehr Mountain View, MO
12964 9 months ago Sheila Mandell Fort Lauderdale , FL
12963 9 months ago Mo Oliver Bothell, WA Reality Leigh Winner should be given a medal. She has done nothing wrong, and in fact has done the right thing. So rare these days. The corruption she exposed stinks to high heaven. Let TRUTH prevail.
12962 9 months ago Mo Oliver Bothell, WA I don't believe that the persecution or imprisonment of Reality Leigh Winner serves the interests of our "National Security" or our freedom of speech, or anything except the further advancement of a...
12961 9 months ago Mary-Alice Shemo Plattsburgh, NY The use of "leak" terminology for those who bring Americans info they need to know is reprehensible. I ask you to immediately release Reality Winner, drop all charges, & abandon the anti-American m...
12960 9 months ago Brad Layton Rock Springs, WY
12959 9 months ago Cesar Gonzalez Houston, TX
12958 9 months ago NINA SCHILLER Durham, NH It is sad that it is only through whistle blowers and people who make information public that the US people know what their government is actually doing
12957 9 months ago Ian Nolan Concord, CA
12956 9 months ago Miriam Helbok Bronx, NY Depriving citizens of their inalienable rights diminished our country--a result far worse than Reality Winner's "crime"
12955 9 months ago Mo Oliver Bothell, WA The imprisonment of someone who stands up and speaks out against evil and corruption is WRONG!
12954 9 months ago Mo Oliver Bothell, WA This person is a hero in my book. Why is she being imprisoned? This makes NO SENSE!
12953 9 months ago gary stoloff vignevieille, ot
12952 9 months ago Lou Plocher Millville, NJ
12951 9 months ago Kim Moninghoff Laurel, MD
12950 9 months ago Anonymous Bethlehem, PA
12949 9 months ago Steve Schrempf Cambridge, MA A strong nation and a strong government will never resort to withholding legal rights to individuals. It is a sign of weakness and opens one up to attacks of all kinds, justified or not.
12948 9 months ago Hilary Kassman Harwich , ot
12947 9 months ago Anonymous Wmstr, CA
12946 9 months ago Jack Alexander Santa Ana, CA
12945 9 months ago Katherine GIlbert Chevy Chase, MD
12944 9 months ago Jason Barlow Garden city, ID
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