No U.S. war planes over Syria

There is no legal or moral basis for the United States to be waging war in Syria, risking conflict with Russia and nuclear apocalypse for us all.

Sign this petition to the U.S. Congress and Secretary of Defense James Mattis:

We urge you to immediately remove all U.S. military planes from Syrian skies and keep them out of that country's airspace.

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Number Date Name Location Please add comment.
69268 1 year ago Pedro Augusto Redondo Saraiva Lisboa , ot
69267 1 year ago Tesse Elliott Hoogstraten Leeds , ot
69266 1 year ago Thomas Cunningham Manassas, VA We're there US ships, soldiers or
assets in the area at the time? Common sense is the word here! If this was a Trump action, it should be stopped immediately!!!
69265 1 year ago Alyce Fritch Seattle, WA no more war in the middle east!!!!
69264 1 year ago Tami Spahr Oregon City, OR
69263 1 year ago Dean Windh Lakewood, WA
69262 1 year ago Dean Windh Lakewood, WA
69261 1 year ago Dayanara Montes De Oca San Tan Valley, AZ
69260 1 year ago Brenda Denno Surrey, BC America should get it's warplanes out of Syria and stop it's warmongering in Syria and every other country.
69259 1 year ago George Anna Clark Berryville, AR
69258 1 year ago Anonymous West Des Moines, IA I have never thought the electoral college was a true reflection of the true vote since HS Government class in 1972. Now I know from experience.
69257 1 year ago D Ashurst Corning, CA
69256 1 year ago Michaele Tharrett Arlington , TX We need to focus on the 2 conflicts already in, we don't need new ones, putting more soldiers in danger. Besides a focus needs to be on bringing our Troops home safely.
69255 1 year ago Erika Ewen Edmonton, AB Why are there U.S. war planes flying over Syria? Is the U.S. now at war with Syria, ISIS, both? Flying U.S. war planes sends a very negative message to everyone. ISIS terrorists will feel justified ...
69254 1 year ago Marc Rieck Marysville, WA
69253 1 year ago Valerie Face Santa Clara, CA
69252 1 year ago Elise Witt Pine Lake, GA As an American teacher for refugee students from Syria, I know firsthand the gravity of this situation.
69251 1 year ago E.S. Schloss New York, NY
69250 1 year ago Anonymous Roberts Creek, BC no more war!
69249 1 year ago Cheryl Carnahan Rochester, NY
69248 1 year ago Carol Hirth Berkeley, CA 94702, CA
69247 1 year ago Adam First Tampere, ot
69246 1 year ago Matt Maguire Petaluma, CA
69245 1 year ago Kris Glover Beacon, NY
69244 1 year ago Doug Johnston Hove, ot
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