Thank Athletes for Taking a Knee and Resisting Trump

Donald Trump has been very understanding of violent racists, but has the ugliest words for African American athletes who nonviolently protest a racist criminal justice system.

Trump's bombast has spurred even more athletes to speak out against racial injustice and against Trump.

We will deliver the petition with your signatures to the players union.

Click below to thank those athletes who have taken a knee in protest -- or have joined in their defense:

We thank those athletes who have taken a knee to protest racism and injustice, and in defense of freedom of speech and freedom of thought. We thank those who have come to their defense. You have our gratitude.

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27844 6 months ago Anonymous Phoenix, AZ
27843 6 months ago Bonnie Munson Modesto, CA Taking a knee is a sign of respect for a wounded teammate. Our nation is wounded, too, and I will try to wait patiently with you for it to HEAL.
27842 6 months ago Twila Davis Palm Springs, CA
27841 6 months ago Aida Quiles San Jacinto, CA
27840 6 months ago Deborah Donie Seligson Carlsbad, CA
27839 6 months ago Craig Jankowsky Austin, TX To protest for equal treatment for all and for those who cannot speak as loudly is fundamentally American. Thank you
27838 6 months ago John Simpson Houston, TX Fight the Fascist Oligarchs!
27837 6 months ago Cory Lance Bklyn , NY
27836 6 months ago Susan Billings El Cerrito , CA
27835 6 months ago Allison Whalen Eau Claire, WI
27834 6 months ago JoAnn Keller Lafayette, CO
27833 6 months ago Dharma Best Santa Fe, NM
27832 6 months ago Trisha Cooley Santa Clara, CA
27831 6 months ago Katherine Williams Canton, IL
27830 6 months ago Mike Sellers Anderson, IN I am with you ! - I will refuse to stand for any anthem during the reign of this president. We have to stand up to tyrants such as this
27829 6 months ago Shawnee Badger VALENCIA, CA
27828 6 months ago Claire Drullard Beaumont, TX
27827 6 months ago Brandon Hill Lawrenceburg, IN
27826 6 months ago James Lang Farmingdale, NJ You must continue to exercise your rights and demand justice for those facing police violence. As a larger and larger "team" you can better protect yourselves and each other.
27825 6 months ago Sue Spicer Indianapolis, IN If football players kneel to pray, why is kneeling in protest disrespectful? Because old white guys say so?

Thank you to the players who kneel and the Jets owner for pledging to pay his pl...
27824 6 months ago Jenifer Garlitz Joliet, IL Thank you for taking a knee to protest racism in our society!
27823 6 months ago Phil Pierce Marietta, SC Every one must have an opportunity to speak, express themselves so we can work together.
27822 6 months ago R.Leslie Choi Glendale, CA Forced patriotism is not patriotism at all, but the favorite tactic of dictators! Racism is a serious threat to our country, and those who speak out against it are the true patriots!
27821 6 months ago Rosemary Ward Greenville , MS
27820 6 months ago Duane Rowland Colchester, IL
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